i don't have cable at my new place yet which means i've been missing out on the new season of design star :(

over the weekend i visited the fam and i was able to catch up on the season and i came to the conclusion that nathan and dan are brilliant. the white wall challenge blew my mind to say the least. the contestants had $1000 to furnish a blank slate...the catch was that they had to dig into the depths of their creativity and furnish the room with two gallons of paint and items found in a grocery store. here is what they came up with...

nathan's room
walls are painted black then milk was drizzled to give a wallpaper effect.
chandelier made of orange slices.
rug made of rice.
sofa styled with permanent marker and random thoughts.

dan's room
"deconstruction of an orchard"
focal wall designed with firewood and red apples.
furniture restyled with firewood and paint.
rug made of an assortment of beans.



came across this lovely image on dress, design, decor and i had to post it. ever since i was a little girl the wizard of oz has been my favorite movie. there's something about those sparkly red shoes...


current obsession = fambuena's "dress" lighting fixtures.
this contemporary line from spain is ultra feminine and i just love the wrapped ribbon detail...sort of reminds me of pretty lingerie. the vision over at fambuena is built on the ambiance and emotion created through light and i find that to be positively fabulous.


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