in 2009 i started this little blog with very sad, sad post (which reminds me that my blog birthday is just five days away!) but i'd like everyone's full attention for a moment....DOMINO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! april 17th people...prepare yourselves (read this article).


how to create loose curls

just found this little tutorial via mandy's blog and i. am. stoked. my go to hairstyle for the past year has been the top knot and as much as i love the ease and quickness...it's getting boring. i've always wanted to achieve those beautiful bouncy waves but i haven't known how. i'll be testing this out today and i'll be back with results!



during a grocery run at our neighborhood safeway i was (beyond) pleasantly surprised when i found a bucket of gardenias - five gardenia stems for $7. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. i snapped them right up and this weekend i've been happily enjoying their delicious fragrance throughout our living room. hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xo


february photo a day

if you're on instagram, let's be friends (i'm sincerely_cecelia)! last month i was inspired by everyone who participated in the "january photo a day" challenge so i decided to jump on board for february. if you want to follow along here is the daily prompt...i'll be posting on instagram and facebook!


my second batch of forced hyacinth!

a piece of thrifted fabric-turned-tablecloth brightens our dining table
handmade valentine's day bunting (now for sale in my etsy shop!)

my amaryllis bulbs are taking off!
the last of my holiday paperwhites


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