would you rock it?

in the spirit of easter i decided to paint my nails each in various pastel shades. i first saw the look on liz's blog [where she even listed my tweet recommendation for lavender polish!], then i also saw an image of lauren conrad rocking the multi-colored nails too.

honest talks...stylish? or just plain weird?

[photo via: lizfranco.com]


striking stripes

currently loving every inch of this little boy's room - i think i'd love it even more if i found out the black wall was chalkboard paint...

 [photo via: living etc.]


saturday picnic

tonight when i got off of work i met bf at trader joe's, we picked up a few tasty snacks and then stopped at a park for a little evening picnic...

[photos via: moi]

right now i'd like to...

spend the afternoon in the sunshine playing with nelli .

photo via: flow


spring | j.crew

oh j.crew - why must you tempt me with your delicate ruffles + floral prints + ice cream hues this spring?

p.s. now j.crew has a personal shopping expert who offers advice via email. ummm erica, i might be contacting you when my piggy bank allows me to update my wardrobe...

photos via: j.crew

foam coffeebar

loving the design of this stockholm coffee shop called foam [found via raenovate]. apparently the goal here was to create an interior that would either be absolutely loved or hated...nothing in between. i adore this space. i think the lighting is perfection and the bold pops of hot pink against the natural wood and grey upholstery is fabulous...well designed commericial spaces like this bring a huge smile to my face :)

do you love it or hate it? what is your favorite element?


dear fashionista/os...

my lovely co-worker just gave me this vintage top that is completely covered front + back in beads/sequins and the back has a cool metal zipper going the length of the top. i am really excited about it, but i'm wondering how i should style it. i was thinking i could pair it with this cute high waisted, ruffled skirt...i also thought i could possibly even wear it backwards with the zipper in the front.

how would you wear this top?

via moi


pseudo nightstand

who needs a nightstand when you can artfully pile up books/magazines? ♥


bf just gave me this adorable necklace from one life jewelry on etsy. i love that the chain is gold and the heart is silver...it's so dainty and beautiful and i'm not taking it off. thank you jason - i love you! xoxo


hollywood glamour

have you seen the newest addition to the karlstad line over at ikea? l o v e.

via ikea


on etsy | almost sunday

during a recent browse for adorable nursery decor [i have a few friends who will be first time mama's this summer!] i came across this incredible etsy shop. almost sunday offers graphic design and handmade whimsical crafts that can all be entirely custom colored. i'm in love with the paper mobiles + wall art [you don't need a little babe to use these lovelies in your home!] and the date of birth print. so charming.


what's in my bag...

i was so inspired by a recent post from liz that i decided to recreate my own version to show you all what i tote around with me everyday...

* house beautiful + architectural digest - i always have a magazine shoved in my purse. these are two of my favs

* daily planner + pen - i'm a list girl and this adorable planner helps me stay organized. i just got it in january from target and i looove it for the graphic canvas cover and the fact that i can just buy a new insert every year

* wallet - this lovely silver leather wallet [found at banana republic] has just enough space to hold my mons, debit card, business cards and the assortment of random tutti melon [yuuum foyo], coldstone, free tanning cards, etc that collect and end up occuping all of the card slots

* clinique happy to be - my handy little perfume pen. my fav scent other than clinique happy in bloom [lurve]

* nail polish - i've always got a few random nail polishes at the bottom of my bag

* lipgloss - my fav from mac "rose champagne" is so soft + pretty with a hint of sparkle

* business cards - always have them handy

* miniature measuring tape - okay...my friends always make fun of me for having odd little treasures in my purse, but i assure you this is very handy

* oversized sunglasses - i go for the $20 pairs at target because i'm known for scratching the lens or loosing them altogether

* orbits big pak - the biggest pack of gum you've ever seen. 35 pieces

there you have it. what do you carry in your bag?

poll results

well...i only got five votes on my little poll from last week, but the results show that my lovely readers would prefer to read more about cool new etsy shops and "look for less" design ideas...and that you shall receive! i've been slacking on the posts this week, but look out for new exciting etsy products and affordable design idea in the very near future!



"group therapy" | decor demon

currently in awe over brian patrick flynn's recent post over at decor demon. with the help of his design team he took five misfit chairs and transformed them into these glossy little gems then paired them with a round table covered in a custom tailored tablecloth. the grand total for the project came to $354 which included all supplies to refinish the chairs, designer fabric and labor for the fabrication of the custom seat cushions and tablecloth. his blog is a must read + i highly recommend you check it out!


patchwork upholstery

aside from that horrid floor lamp on the left...i'm kind of loving this little room. the white plank flooring is incredible and that window + drapery + chandelier combination is totally dramatic. but - what really caught my eye was the patchwork upholstery on the chesterfield sofa. its a bit alice in wonderland + a bit liberty of london and its totally wild and whimsical.

65° and sunny

happy sunday my lovelies! the weather here in napa is absolutely gorgeous and it's supposed to get into the low 70's tomorrow and tuesday...just in time for my weekend. how's the weather where you live?

via laboom!



i'm not really one for board games. i did play a lot of candyland when i was little, but that's only because i wanted to be princess lolly and queen frostine. i am however a huge fan of scrabble and i'm an even bigger fan of using wooden scrabble tiles laid out in adorable phrases as whimsical accents around the home. check it...

via buygollymissmolly on etsy


this image makes me want to whip up some cupcakes pronto! those colorful graphic serving trays are so fun and cheery, but i can't take my eyes off of the frosting with sprinkles...


très chic

loving this girls effortless style - i've got to get myself some little booties that i'll actually wear [i'm more of a flats girl, but i'm trying to change that]...

happy late birthday little blog!

hello friends! i just realized that this little blog's first birthday was february 20th! i can't believe its been a whole year since i started sharing my day to day inspiration with you all and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for continuing to follow! i always love reading your comments, they mean more than you know and they  inspire me to keep on posting!! with that being said...there are a few new exciting things happening here...

first...what do you think of the new layout?! i've been dying for a new design and this is as far as my website design skills could take me :)

second...i've got a little poll going on for the next week and i want to know what you enjoy reading most here at sincerely, cecelia. just read down the list and check the box that fits your preference and you're golden!

third...i've set up a page over at form spring and now you can ask me absolutely anything [if you're into that sort of thing].

tomorrow is friday [which is my wednesday] and i wish everyone a super relaxing weekend! anyone have any exciting plans?? xoxo

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adventures in wonderland

loving this adorable alice in wonderland inspired necklace made by danni at oh, hello friend. be sure to check out her etsy shop, there are tons of fabulous treasures to browse through!

p.s. did anyone else ever watch that show on disney channel in the 90's called "adventures in wonderland" with live people? alice would walk through a mirror to get to wonderland, tweedle dee + tweedle dum wore mc hammer pants and the cheshire cat was animatronic  - oh boy, i loved that show.

today i'm wearing...

leather jacket - h&m | t-shirt - h&m | jeans - target | scarf - forever21 | flats - rampage


on etsy | decoylab

i fell in love with this little etsy shop after reading a tweet from danni over at oh, hello friend. the shop is called decoylab and it's filled with perfectly whimsical clocks made of paper and wood. aren't they incredible?

via decoylab on etsy


p r e t t y

currently loving the fairytale like combination of pale pink and glittery gold in home decor, fashion + weddings lately. my cousin is getting married in july and i've recently been talking to her about bridesmaids dresses. i was searching for inspiration via martha stewart weddings (via an inspiring post from olivet) and i came across this image and fell in love. when it comes time for me to plan my wedding i know that i want my bridesmaids to be able to choose their own dress according to the color scheme i select. this is the absolute perfect example of how beautiful that can look...


angela adams: recycled sail accessories

just received an email about a new addition over at angela adams. these new recycled sail accessories are not only eco-friendly, but they are extremely adorable. personally...i'm partial to the metallic morning wing dove tote bag. these accessories feature durable and water resistant recycled sails, reclaimed metallic shoe leather, hand-spliced rope handles and a secure metal clasp closure not to mention they are completely machine washable. the tote bags are absolutely perfect for spring and summer beach days and the wine totes make stylish, eco-friendly + reusable packaging for wine gifts...


luxe for less: contemporary baroque

i've always loved contemporary baroque style furniture. i'd have to say my favorite source for getting this curvy feminine silhouette in a wide range of beautiful lacquer finishes is reeves design [but beware...its pricey]. for a more budget-friendly version ikea has two lines: fintorp + trollsta. i'm loving the stainless steel and the mustard yellow...

  via ikea

on etsy | petitplat

check out this adorable etsy shop called petitplat...the miniature lifelike food creations are just so delicious! [julianna - you'll die] i think i really need a pair of these unbelievably cute slice of cake stud earrings...


today i'm wearing...


cardigan - old navy | t-shirt - target | scarf - gap | skirt - old navy | tights - kohl's | flats - kohl's


if lady gaga were a light

lunaria [where i work] is now featuring brand van egmond - a new lighting line from the netherlands and each fixture is simply incredible. bve manufactures products that are handmade with a character of their own. raw materials, consisting of steel and crystal form the basis of brand van egmond designs. these materials are applied in a contemporary manner and each item produced is labeled with its own number and seal.

when i first saw an image of bve’s “icy lady” its style held what i recognized to be, an uncanny resemblance to that of lady gaga. if she were a light she would be the icy lady. then as i looked through the catalog further i noticed that each fixture is abstract, strange and contorted while remaining entirely intriguing, inspiring & beautiful. to some folks, these lights may be over the top on the whimsy scale, just as the provocative costuming of lady gaga may be off-putting to others. yet both are entirely original and superior at their own artistry…one in sculptural lighting, the other in music.

 gaga + the icy lady


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