time to get my craft on

since thanksgiving has now come & gone...its time for me to pull out the craft box & sewing machine and take on that goal i set for myself this year of giving handmade christmas gifts. i've got some fabulous ideas, but unfortunately i can't share them just yet as the fam and friends read this very blog. i'll leave you with some craft ingredients to ponder...cork, felt, buttons, wool sweater. what do you think about that???

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i ♥ xmas

soooo...don't judge me when i say that i started listening to christmas music two weeks ago and we haven't even hit thanksgiving yet. i do have an excuse though - working in a design/lighting retail environment requires holiday decor exceptionally early so the yuletide tunes i've been listening to have been getting me in the spirit. if you're having holiday decor mental blockage this year, head over to martha stewarts lovely little christmas workshop. this year i'm especially loving the stiffened doily snowflakes, bay leaf and pomegranate garland, ribbon-poinsettia wreath, this blown glass candlestick display (which i have!) and these shimmering candlesticks. oh christmas, i love you.

via martha stewart


d a y d r e a m i n g

1. network & blog more often
2. offer online interior design services
3. learn to sew!
4. take a photography class
5. move to a big city

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let the holidays begin

so last night was halloween and although i didn't dress up, go to an exciting party or hand out candy to any cute little babes - i still had a fun and relaxing evening with the boy eating pizza, drinking blue moon and watching halloween movies on tv. i'm sad to see october go because it is my favorite month, but i am totally excited about the extra hour we gained thanks to "falling back" last night and i am even more stoked about the holidays to come. i've decided on the gifts i will be creating this year and here is a preview...hmmm what could those be?


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