so i started to take on the project of rearranging the bedroom - then stopped. i've decided to switch to the now vaccant room which has an amazing walk-in closet that could seriously pass for another room. after i get it cleaned up i will take empty room pics then the after shots once its completed. i am in the process of gathering ideas & i stumbled across this great graphic sign over at amanda johnson's blog. i will definitely be stealing this...

via here's looking at me kid



i'm in the middle of a roommate change and while that is happening i've decided that it would be nice to do a little rearranging to refresh the space :)

so this evening (while the fi is at work) i will devise a plan of attack starting with the bedroom.

wish me luck!
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i came across this old post from darling dexter about a small upholstery job whitney took on. i'd love to find an ottoman like this to reupholster for my living room...maybe that can be my project during sewing class.

via darling dexter's "our own before & after"



i've decided to take a sewing class in november & then a photography class starting in january - yay for new hobbies/skills!!

on etsy

ahhh! i have to stop looking at etsy's vintage stuff...i'm finding too many things that i want:

1. vintage 1970's salt & pepper shakers @ retro revival

2. 1960's vintage pyrex milk glass mugs @ retro revival

3. mid century swivel pod chair @ beggars and choosers

4. mid century dining chairs @ and found furnishings

5. vintage mirror tray w/ gold tone filigree @ callooh callay


as the seasons are starting to change, i'm getting in the mood for the holidays and i've already started thinking about what i'm going to do for christmas gifts this year. i want to give gifts that are original & meaningful, but the bottom line is that i have limited funds. i was instantly inspired this afternoon while browsing around on etsy & i've made the decision to either handmake or buy handmade gifts this year. a few things i'm keeping in mind are: everything from kainkain shop & styled spaces, these cool antique glass door knob/turned wine stoppers from ikcdesign and these great pom necklaces from whitneydeal. now i just need some ideas for the guys...

all images via etsy



the vineyards haven't started to turn yet, but you know its fall in the valley when you can walk outside and literally smell the grape harvesting/crush season beginning. ahhh fall.

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after flipping through the channels tonight and briefly catching a minute of biggest loser, i found myself totally inspired by jillian michaels.

one - obviously for her ridiculously fit bod.
two - she was unexpectedly wearing midnight blue metallic nailpolish.

i rummaged through my polish collection and found that i have the exact color and guess what....tomorrow when i walk into work i'll be sporting fabulous metallic blue nails. thanks jillian!

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my current collection of furniture includes many pieces from ikea. don't get me wrong, i love ikea for their stylish designs & affordability (and cinnamon rolls) but as i started unpacking the storage unit my fiance and i have had for 10 months i'm realizing i'm ready for a style change. somewhere along the line i heard of the online/retail store TINI (this is not ikea) who is located in LA and after browsing through their website i've decided that i want to go with a more eclectic look. TINI has such a large selection of unique, vintage pieces...does anyone know of any similar stores in the bay area?


found this image via serenity on flickr and i swooned. from the soft lighting to her beautiful ruffled top and whispy hair...so pretty and delicate.

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i have fallen completely in love after discovering this adorable website through destined to design. its much like anthropology which i have always loved, but ruche is incredibly affordable. i love the feminine, vintage style and they even provide cute little outfit ideas!


while cleaning the office recently, i stumbled across a large box hidden behind fabrics, architectural drawings and many boxes of lighting for a current client. i opened it up and found a beautiful glass lighting fixture from terzani with a chunk of glass missing. after a second of panic...my boss noticed what i was doing and mentioned it was for a previous client and long story short it didn't work out, obviously because of the broken glass. she told me i was welcome to take it and fix it or transform it into something creative (i.e. coffee table, bedside table, etc.) and i gladly accepted the offer, thanked her and packed it up in my car. here is the lovely fixture that i inherited called the "j'adore venice"...

gorgeous! now i just need to figure out how to remove the hidious fixture that currently hangs in the dining room of my apartment...



oh, if only friday was really my friday.
that will have to wait until sunday...
anyway, today during my search for low budget, tasty recipes i came across one that looks super yummy from poor girl eats well (hilarious blog title btw). it is a mushroom & asiago omelette and i am soooo down to make this on monday morning...which is really my saturday :)



sarah + scotty's wedding

i'm off to a wedding this weekend in san jose! i can't wait to catch up & get re-inspired by my amazing friends from design school, sip champagne and dance the night away in celebration of the newlyweds. now i just need to figure out what i am going to wear...



hello blog friends, its been awhile. unfortunately my laptop is still out of commission so blogging is a rare activity for me these days.

here is an amazing table lamp that can be purchased here at lunaria. i've got this at the top of my wish list...

these hand blown italian glass lamps are stunning. we have the large one on display in the st. helena showroom which is close to 4' tall & i am completely obsessed, it makes such a huge statement.


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