now don't get me wrong...i completely adore shelter/lifestyle glossies and digital magazines. however -- sometimes the actual lifestyles portrayed in these publications feel sliiiiiiiightly out of reach. i believe that style should be attainable at any budget and it bums me out when design is made to feel stuffy, impractical and unlivable. in come brit + co. and clementine daily...two of my new favorite sites to follow because they speak to my "...authentic-sometimes-frenzied-often-harried-but-always-inspired" life. you guys, they're total must reads. trust me.

Image via: Clementine Daily


i've always been a fan/supporter of lauren conrad (team lauren...if you will) and i was thrilled to find out about her latest venture the little market. the company mission is wonderful the products are TO DIE. felt pom garlands? SO MUCH YES. the holidays are literally right around the corner and i'm so happy to have found a new source for gift giving (and wish listing!).


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