gift guide: v-day for him

this valentine's day give him something to enhance his experience with the things he loves. here are a few ideas for those of you who are stumped...

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some of the best gifts are things you can't necessarily buy from a store, but they definitely provide fun + memories:

1. lessons - musical, art, sports, cooking, you name it (find an instructor on craigslist)
2. tickets - concerts, comedy shows, sports, poker tournaments, etc.
3. time - if he doesn't have much free time for the things he likes tell him you’ll regularly make some special time for him to do that thing (i.e. game night with the guys + offer to cook and set up). it’s low budget and it will give him something to really look forward to.


gift guide: v-day

i've recently had a few requests for valentine's day gift ideas and stumbling across this ring via a cup of jo inspired me to start searching/posting. how adorable right?


& hearts

i've been wanting a pair of black polka dot tights for quite a while now and i am so excited to have found these cuties from american apparel. this pair has hearts instead of dots just in time for valentine's day! i'm also loving this jersey pocket skirt as well, it looks soooo comfy...


pop wall

i'm a huge fan of wall decals and i just found this little etsy shop thats filled with adorable graphics! i love them all so much i honestly can't choose a favorite...but i'd definitely like to have the winter trees in my next apartment.

via pop wall on etsy

pretty little peep-toes

anyone who knows me well knows that i have a bit of a target obsession...like seriously...its a problem. the other night when i used my last christmas gift certificate to purchase my 2010 planner, i also ended up taking home a pair of these adorable peep-toe pumps. remember my list of new years resolutions?? well #8 on that list was to wear heels more often and that is how i justified this purchase. i wore them for the first time to work yesterday with a pair of sweater tights (which i'm also obseeeessed with) a dress + cardigan and i was very pleased with them. they're pretty high but surprisingly comfortable with a semi-rubber-ish sole (friends...you know how i slip around when shoes have a slick sole...grrr mizrahi). so anyway, i love them. xo

p.s. i guess i should maybe have an image of myself in the outfit with the shoes, but i don't. i promise to get better at that.


celebrate light

absolutely loving this image found over at dress, design, decor. i'm totally into neutral spaces with lots of texture right now - this one is perfect and that cobalt blue chandelier is the icing on the cake. i honestly believe that lighting can make or break a space...and this fixture certainly makes this bedroom whimsical, refreshing and ultra stylish.

via d, d, d



loving this cozy look. perfect for the crazy rainy/windy/cold weather we've been having lately...

nice package

i've been incredibly inspired recently by all of the adorable packaging design ideas from danni over at oh, hello friend. the vintage looking paper goods, stickers, twine and embellishments she uses make simple letters so meaningful + heartfelt and i've be dying to find a source for these supplies. nice package is it...they have the best selection of everything from hand-embellished kraft bags and pink linen-print gift boxes to stickers + gift tags and beautiful ribbon/twine options. i think i'm going to stock up and start mailing off personalized notes to friends + family. xoxo

on etsy | pretty chic

i 've been searching for the perfect 2010 planner and i finally bought one last night at target, but now i'm kicking myself after finding pretty chic on etsy. all planners/notebooks have adorable graphic covers and have a weekly layout which leaves more room for those who have massive handwriting (me). they are also printed on recycled paper + bound in san francisco! i'm totally wishing i hadn't started scribbling in the one i brought home last night...


big window challenge - the modern woman

check out eddie ross's interpretation of "the modern woman" in the big window challenge at bloomies in new york!! i'm loving the eclectic mix of furnishings, accessories, textures and colors used...after all...orange and blue = my favorite complementary color scheme! (okay...i know that sounded semi-design nerdish) head over to eddie's blog to read about his design process...

cut a rug

during design school...rugs and lighting were honestly the last things i thought about when cramming to get a project done for finals. now since working at lunaria i've been introduced to the wonderful world of decorative lighting and the endless possibilities there are for rug customization. im currently in love with wood grain rugs, but i just came across this website which carries incredible hand-tufted wool designs. i'm pining over the birch/evening, betty/honey and the rosa/wine. who knew rugs could be so fabulous?


i love...

these metallic journals from oh joy! i'd really enjoy one done up as a planner...

via the shop at oh joy!


cupcake love #2

ya know? i was thinking after i posted that link to those adorable cupcake pedestals over at modern chic home...and i'm pretty sure those cute little things could also be great pillar candle holders. then i thought...you could actually use pillar candle holders as cupcake pedestals too - how functional!! for an adorable/edible center piece place cupcakes along this nature inspired branch holder from target. or try a grouping of these lovely glass pillars (also from target) topped with your delicious treats at your next birthday bash. there are so many incredible + affordable candle holders out there...get creative!

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sunday best

i've recently added some fantastic blogs to my daily read list for 2010 and i'm so excited! i've been straying from my typical interior design blogs and into the fashion world. when i tell people i went to "design" school they always assume that means fashion and i don't think i'd ever want to design clothes. however...i do find it extra inspiring to see what other girls are wearing + how they put outfits together. these bloggers do an incredible job.


cupcake love

individual cupcake pedestals!!!!!!...these are the most adorable things i've ever seen, besides nelli of course.

moroccan poufs

poufs are the super stylish alternative to the bean bag. originating in morocco, these ottomans come in a full range of materials and color options including metallic or non-metallic leathers. they're extremely versatile and can be used as seating, foot stools, small tables, or just as beautiful accessories for your space. just one pouf is a lovely touch for your living room or bedroom, but why not go with multiples?? poufs bring out the pink-leather-bean-bag lovin' kid in me, but in a sophisticated adult kind of way...which is why i can't get enough of them.

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i ♥ west elm

i just headed over to west elm to check out the new collection for spring and i was pleasantly suprised! i've always loved west elm for their use of clean lines + natural colors and materials, but now they've added 600 new looks for spring! i'm absolutely crazy about the new cheerful "turmeric" yellow they've introduced (especially in lacquered finishes), the knit throw blankets, playfully printed rugs and some super chic new lighting. these are a few of my favorites:

i'm also kind of obsessed with poufs right now, but i'll get into that in another post in the near furture. here are a few from west elm that i'm loving:

all images via west elm

happy sunday

via flickr


lucite love

i've always been a huge fan of the sleek look of lucite furniture, but i've never been able to find a resource with enough options...until now. behold the design mecca of shiny, clear furniture. from consoles, coffee and dining tables to chairs on wheels and even table lamps, this website has it covered. scooooore!


lovely red lips

so i decided to be brave on new years eve and i rocked the red lips. i've been so inspired lately by reading magazines and fashion blogs that i decided to step outside my clear-sometimes-pink-shimmery-gloss comfort zone and i absolutely loved it. i'm not sure if its something i can pull off for work, but i think its an amazing addition for special occasions. what do you think...is the look too much for work? red lips are an accessory all on their own - here are some images that inspired me...


before + after

i love pretty + inspiring workspaces. there is absolutely nothing like working in a beautiful environment and i believe it really makes a difference in productivity. this is exactly why i love this before and after found on design*sponge. the desk and chair were found on the side of the road with free signs and d*s reader max took them in and completely transformed them into extremely stylish (west elm-esque) pieces of furniture. i'd love to work at that desk everyday.

via design*sponge


REBLOG: "tiny little chairs"

oh. my. god. i couldn't help myself from squealing when i came across this blog post from jess over at destined to design. look at these adorable tiny little chair necklaces celebrating midcentury modern design. AHH! too bad we just breezed by christmas...i for sure would have added one of these babies to my wish list.

reblogged via destinedtodesign

room inspiration: rachel whiting

monochromatic rooms are definitely starting to grow on me, especially ones in white + neutral tones. here is an example of the way i'd like to live one day when i have an adorable little studio apartment in san francisco: victorian charm with a clean, modern and sophisticated update. i'd like to think i could pull off the clutter-freeness of these spaces, but in all reality i know it would only last a day...

these are all images from the fabulous rachel whiting who is a lifestyle photographer based in london. you've got to head over to her website to check out some other serious interior and exterior eye candy shots.

via darlingdexter (original post) and rachel whiting (photographer)


sunday recipe: homemade pizza

i've been craving pizza lately, but in an effort to keep with my new years resolution of eating healthier i've got to find a guilt-free version. rather than taking the easy route and just ordering a pizza from round table (the boy's favorite) i've been on the lookout for a good recipe, but then i realized i can come up with my own! trader joe's sells premade pizza dough so i've decided to purchase the whole wheat version that i will top with chicken and loads of veggies. i'll let you all know how it turns out!

via unknown

zebra print + nailhead trim

this is such a cool diy idea i found over at design*sponge. reader maria jones found a great zebra console table with nailhead trim over at a pricey design store, but pulled out her crafty diy skills and created the same look with wood from home depot and zebra wallpaper for only $100!! i then headed over to maria's blog and found that she has used this idea multiple times to make some great furniture. check it out...

via design*sponge


cozy sheets

for me january is a month of organizing, decluttering and regrouping. its a fresh start and for me that means its a great time to purchase new bedding! i love bedding. seriously, what is sweeter than sliding into a fabulous bed after a long day? especially a long chilly day when you can turn on your heating blanket too! check out these charming colorful options from anthropologie...they are a little pricey, but i can't help myself.

p.s. how amazing is the web design over at anthropologie? i'd kill for a similar blog layout...

2010 resolutions

i've compiled a list of things i'd like to accomplish in the new year...here it goes.

via flickr

in 2010 i will:

1. find a dance/work out class to attend regularly
2. be more health concious
3. blog often and network with fellow bloggers
4. take a photography class
5. get out more often (i.e. wine tasting, concerts, bike rides, etc.)
6. launch my etsy store
7. save for a new laptop
8. wear heels!
9. take nelli on lots of walks
10. move to san francisco (hopefully!)

there you have it! hopefully i will have luck this year sticking to my resolutions...especially the working out and eating right parts because those are at the top of my list. wishing everyone the best in 2010!! xoxo


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