happy saturday! today i came across some blog sweetness that i had to share. if you have any fabulous blogs to suggest please send me a link!!


mod cloth

check out this lovely website/blog that i discovered yesterday! i am totally excited about the dresses, shoes, jewelry and apartment accessories listed. everything is so whimsical, quirky and sure to brighten your day. i've actually been on the hunt for a cute doormat and i think i've finally found it!

all images via mod cloth



check out this work attire inspiration! the cardigan makes it semi-casual (i heart cardi's), yet still sophisticated & extremely polished. oh j crew, i love you.

i ♥ tights

during my blogging adventures recently i have come across many inspiring posts about tights. with the return of fall and all, i've decided to create my own similar post because i too have a great love for tights of all kinds. (click images to take you to their locations)



i finally have my very own sewing machine!! i am so incredibly excited to begin some projects. i'll first be tackling pillow covers with lovely felt embellishments; my sofa needs some color. i have yet to select the fabrics but when i do...you know i'll be posting them here.



you know its the beginning of fall when...

1. you're tempted out of the usual "tall coffee with room for cream" routine into purchasing a delightful pumpkin spice latte

2. you find yourself excited about golden sunsets, yellow leaves, crisp chilly weather & crunchy leaves on sidewalks

3. you do a dance of joy at the first sight of pumpkins at the grocery store

4. while brainstorming halloween costumes you start feeling nostalgic about that pink power ranger costume you wore when you were eight

5. when every morning starts with the thought: can i wear boots today??

6. tights. striped. solid. woolen. yum.

7. you start to crave sweet potatoes with marshmellow topping, green bean casserole and delicious pies: pumpkin and apple. double yum.

what makes you think of autumn?



okay...i'm obsessed. i was just given a beautiful 100% silk drapery panel that i plan to hang in my bedroom and swag to the side. i'm in the middle of searching for a rod, finials and a tie-back and i came across this amazingness from urban outfitters.


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