royal wedding slumber party

so its 12:15 am here at my little flat in napa, california and i'm in the middle of a full blown all nighter. what's the occassion? the royal wedding of course. thursdays = my day off and throughout the day (while dominating a major pile of laundry) i got caught up on all the latest royal wedding/fashion predictions and i even watched a made-for-tv movie about william and kate's love story. basically, i have a new wealth of royal knowledge...and i'm already feeling a bit delirious...midnight is waaay past my bedtime.

i'm about to head over to sam's for a long night of live coverage filled with pj's, homemade tiaras and champagne...AND i guarantee we'll be tweeting live. follow us at @sncerelycecelia and @samanthawyman for some fun...who's joining us?

p.s. did i mention that i work at 9am tomorrow morning? i miiiiight have multiple redbulls chilling in the fridge...


happy easter

happy easter my dears! i hope you're having a lovely day with friends and family...and if you're just using today as an excuse to eat candy...that's cool too.


ricotta/tomato crostini

it's a known fact that i'm not a morning person. no matter how early i go to bed i still struggle to get going in the morning and most days i don't have time to eat a decent breakfast before work. so -- in an effort to change all that i've been compiling a handful of healthy, delicious and quick breakfast ideas. i think i'll be giving this one a try tomorrow...

::the breakfast pizza::
via real simple

take a slice of crusty bread, spread it with 3 tablespoons of low-fat ricotta, and add tomatoes. finish with a drizzle of olive oil (about 1 teaspoon) and a little salt and pepper. broiling is optional.

glamorous gadabouts

yesterday the fabulous poppy of project gadabout announced her new list of glamorous gadabouts for spring/summer and i'm so excited to announce that i will be part of the super fun series! head over to check out the list of great bloggers and be sure to check back to learn more about each one of them!

and if you find yourself wondering...what is a gadabout? (which was the first thing i thought when i opened an email from poppy) here you go...

cake with giants

taking a moment this afternoon to admire these whimsical illustrations by amy borrell of cake with giants...


too busy...

to create an interesting collection? check out jbowerengraving's gorgeous treasury featuring fourth + school's milk glass!!


strawberry honey pies

after watching giada's "elegant and easy" luncheon episode on the food network last week, i decided to brave our kitchen, put on my cherry print apron and attempt her baby strawberry and honey pie recipe. after all...it calls for store bought pie crust...how difficult could it be?

instead of using a mini muffin pan (because i didn't have one) i used the regular size so i figured i'd need a bit more filling. instead of following and doubling the recipe exactly i kiiind of came up with my own little concoction which proceeded to bubble and leak from the pies (as you can see) and once the pies cooled, what was left of the filling was a bit too tart for my taste (probably because i juiced three lemons). anyway, they didn't quite turn out as i'd hoped but i plan to reattempt/perfect these little babies in the near future - they sure were cute though...


currently pining over...

these sweet little porcelain berry baskets and after spotting and oogling over them at tyler florence in downtown napa yesterday, i can't seem to get them off my mind. so perfect for an easter brunch. le sigh.


braids + waves

really loving this effortless hairstyle from the always chic emily of cupcakes and cashmere. so summery...

etsy vintage showcase

today fourth + school was featured (my pretty gold espresso cups!) on the etsy vintage showcase! go check it out :)


scenes from sunday

+ they may be ordinary/stackable/plastic, but i'm so excited about these new patio chairs! i think the pretty french blue color makes them feel special :) **
+ mr and mrs are our new duckie pals. lately, they've been visiting us every evening
+ the most deliciously fresh, organic strawberries from the oakville grocery farm stand. true story

hope you all had a restful weekend! the weather here has been insanely gorgeous, hope you've been able to enjoy a bit of sun too! xoxo

**p.s. jason built that planter box/planted those veggies...so proud :)


snapixel | issue 12

i'm so excited to present my first online magazine advertisement! thank you kelsey and snapixel for having me!


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