calls for a short hiatus here at sincerely, cecelia. posting will be sparse the next two weeks due to the fact that jason, nelli and i are moving into this lovely downtown napa flat. i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday and i look forward to sharing images of my new abode once we're settled! xo


holy cow...

sprinkle-sparkles and unicorns! i'm in the new issue of rue!!!! well...the side of my body is in the new issue of rue.

let me explain...about a month or so ago i attended the fabulous rue launch party in the bay area where i was able to meet some pretty amazing bloggers. apparently i was captured mid-convo with the fab katie of katiedid and now that very image has been published for all to see on the interwebs. i don't know about you...but i think this is p r e t t y exciting. have a look below and for a better look, check out page 18 in the newest issue of rue magazine.

what's on your nightstand: silvanie farmar bowers

today's nightstand belongs to the lovely silvanie who is a very talented floral designer, aaaand i just so happen to work with her. she's got a great eye for flowers and photography and i highly suggest you head over to her blog and flickr for some gorgeous imagery. thanks so much silvanie, so happy to have you contribute! xo

On my nightstand I have some fashion (or house/decor) magazines to flip through. A glass of water, a couple of different kinds of lotions, and lip balm. I am obsessed with Nanak's Lip Smoothee's, this one is Almond, but I also love the Coconut one too. I have a growing collection of 1970's floral pillowcases, these are one of my favorite's, I love yellow and orange bedding. - Silvanie


currently craving...

anything and everything le creuset.

jason and i recently purchased a turquoise teapot and butter bell (the most wallet friendly pieces *smiles*) - - i'm utterly in love and we've officially decided to start collecting this fabulous french cookware. i think i see a fondue pot coming my way in the near future...


on etsy | girls can tell

this little shop has got you covered with adorable tea towels embellished with a variety of hand sketched screen print designs...perfect for just about anyone on your gift giving list.



what's on your nightstand: jen of made by girl

today's nightstand comes from jen of made by girl. jen's blog is always filled with gorgeous inspiration for your interior and i especially love her "your weekend" posts...so adorable. not to mention she's a very talented graphic designer and her shop is filled to the brim with stylish posters, greeting cards and calling cards. be sure to stop by her blog and if your boyfriend/husband tends to be a bit clueless when it comes to holiday gift giving...definitely check out her idea for giving him a little nudge in the right direction. thanks jen for contributing!

I don't like to keep a lot of items on my nightstand to begin with, so this was a bit of a challenge for me to describe, what's on my nightstand.

I recently moved & purchased two nightstands (they're actually side tables from West Elm). I love to keep books at the bottom, books that I haven't read yet. I usually end up skimming through some of them at night before bed. I also keep my handy lamp, which was a DIY project which i explain on my blog.  You can't see it here, but before bed, I end up placing my iPhone on there too just in case I need to make any calls at 2am. Ha!

I love the contrast of the black lamp & the white horse head, it's one of my favorite pieces in my home. Thanks Cecelia, now you all have seen how simple my night stand really is....


scenes from sunday

happy sunday all! hope your weekend is restful. my afternoon includes a bit of organizing (tons of old magazines to rummage through), i've got a bit of early christmas gift wrapping to do (am i prepared or what?) and at 4pm i'll be getting my hair cut a la heidi klum. here is my inspiration...


on etsy | mary kate mcdevitt

i can't stop smiling over these adorable mini goal chalkboards.


what's on your nightstand: cara robbins

today's nightstand comes from cara robbins, a very talented photographer who lives in southern california and blogs over here. her shots always have a gorgeous, dreamy quality which naturally (in my book) means they're uber inspiring. behold, cara's cheerful nightstand...

for me, my nightstand is basically there to keep all my books close to me. i'm a big fan of reading before going to bed so i have accumulated a lot of books over the years (and a lot of brightly coloured ones too...) i recently picked up the blue crosley clock radio and it's my new favourite thing. i love the classic design, but this one actually has an auxiliary cord to plug in an ipod which is useful. i try and keep some sort of flowers by me at all time because i love the colour and energy they bring so this week i had some beautiful tulips. thats about it... thanks so much ceclia for having me!

cheers, cara robbins


sunday | etsy wishlist

a few delightful vintage finds for the kitchen, that certainly brightened up my rainy morning.

1 | 2 | 3


friday flowers | harvest

hosting a harvest party? looking for a thanksgiving centerpiece? maybe you just want a beautiful fall inspired arrangement to enjoy for yourself. this hearty design would be perfect for any of the above occasions.

happy friday! xo

image: country living


miss dahl

after recently watching the movie julie and julia i am totally drawn to cooking/baking...and blogging about it of course. i've been researching recommendations for great cookbooks and i am very interested in checking out the following by sophie dahl.

i'll definitely have to scope it out during my weekly barnes & noble trip on thursday :)

what's on your nightstand: carlee of deliciously organized

today's nightstand comes from carlee at deliciously organized! carlee's blog is super fab with gorgeous imagery, and so many inspirational ideas for design/organization - definitely a must read :)

p.s. i'm pretty much obsessed with the nightstand vignette you're about to encounter...

Hello everyone, Carlee from Deliciously Organized here to discuss my bedside table. I try and tidy it up every morning because typically we leave our bedroom door open, and that’s the first thing you see. I don’t want to look at a messy nightstand all day. I keep vitamins, books and other necessities in my drawer. Lucky for me, the drawer is large and stores a lotI always have my ring tray {a recent engraved engagement gift from my mother}, a glass of water, my iphone charger, and most currently a plate as a catch all from la plate.  I use my iphone alarm clock so I don’t need one taking up space.  I’ve added some flowers to make this photograph a bit more exciting, but I don’t always have them there {wish I did though!}. If I had a choice, I would paint the wood another color. I think the dark wood is a bit too much up against our gray headboard, but my fiancĂ© hasn’t warmed up to the idea, just yet…

Unfortunately, my nightstand is pretty underwhelming, but...I did add a few fun elements to the room to celebrate fall this past week. An orange blanket and a plaid pillow now bring a little bit more coziness to the space.  

Thanks for having me Cecelia!

image and text via: deliciously organized

image: we heart it


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