ribboned asparagus salad

tonight i set out to make a ribboned asparagus salad (after viewing this delicious video). i tried to capture each step, but i'm having issues with my little pink point/shoot camera so the iphone came to the rescue. it's the easiest salad to make...seriously...you don't even have to cook the asparagus. to whip up this delight for your next shindig all you need is:

one bunch of asparagus
parmesan cheese (the more the better!)
toasted pinenuts **
olive oil
the juice of one lemon

rinse your asparagus, "ribbon" your asparagus spears with a veggie peeler, throw your ribbons in a bowl and toss with all the other ingredients and enjoy! xo

p.s. yes...you see a paper plate in the image above. sometimes this girl just doesn't want to wash any dishes :)

**sidenote: i used sunflower seed nuts instead...because i bought my lemons and asparagus at target along with a new handbag...and target doesn't sell pinenuts :)


thrifty treasures

yesterday during my weekly visit to the goodwill, i dug up the following treasures:

1. hobnail milk glass container
2. the good housekeeping cookbook from the 60's
3. two blue striped coffee mugs - my first pyrex pieces!
4. a beautiful decanter with gold accents

i still haven't decided if i'll add any of these items to the etsy shop, for now they're looking pretty on my dining room table waiting patiently to be displayed. have you found anything fun while antiquing/thrifting lately?


sponsor sincerely, cecelia in august!

now accepting sponsors for the month of august! large ads are featured in a group sponsor spotlight post with the opportunity to host a discount or giveaway and small ads get a twitter introduction - all ads rotate throughout the month to maximize exposure. rates are set with small businesses and blogs in mind, email me if you're interested!

sincerelycecelia (at) gmail (dot) com

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xo


breakfast for two

continuing with my current kinfolk obsession...um...how romantic is this video? complete with keep cups (i heart my keep cup!) i think jason and i might have to hit up abc bakery for pastries, and head down on the napa riverfront to watch the sunrise in the near future...

Kinfolk: Breakfast for Two from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.

and this ribboned asparagus salad recipe? w a n t.

ribboned asparagus salad from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.


five new faves

i spent entirely too much time on the internet last night browsing from site to site on an incredible inspiration spree - pinterest is my new bff - here are five things that are currently (heavily) on my radar...

1. a painfully adorable picnic kit from acme party box co. including: woven tote with leather straps, cloth napkins, weck storage containers, mason drinking jars, cheese board/knife and a set of bamboo plates/flatware. wouldn't this make the most fabulous wedding present?

2. affordable museum quality prints? sign me up! 20x200 has an amazing assortment of fun art prints starting at just $20 each! but be quick with it...these prints sell out fast.

3. kinfolk is the sweetest lifestyle/entertaining publication on the internet. i love the natural style behind this magazine and the idea that a table shared with loved ones should be a regular uncontrived event. and those videos? sigh.

4. i'm loving and neeeeeding one of these aprons from small batch productions. i wear an apron everyday at work and these guys are so classic and functional.

5. i literally just drooled over photographer jen altman's new york apartment. doesn't it look so comfortable? i love her use of wall space...almost every inch is covered.

what inspiration have you found recently?


free shipping at fourth + school!

dear friends, this week i'm offering free shipping (within the u.s.) through sunday on all purchases over at my etsy shop! either click on the tab above that says "shop" or click here, then use code "justbecause" at checkout - happy vintage treasure hunting dolls! xo

what's on your nightstand: amy of your southern peach

today's nightstand comes from miss amy of your southern peach. her blog is filled will lovely lifestyle inspiration - i especially love her "sunday best" outfit posts. thank you for contributing amy!

my bedside table is pretty simple except for the large number of books i'm working my way through.  i keep a small photo of my husband and i on our last ski trip to park city, ut. my gladiolas are blooming right now so i've been enjoying bringing them inside this summer. thanks for letting me share a little piece of me. here's wishing you sweet dreams and happy slumber.



scenes from sunday

1. a deliciously fragrant (seriously...my whole apartment smells divine) bouquet of casablanca lilies
2. new vintage treasure - a wooden pedestal dish lined with capiz shell. perfect for holding jewelry and hair pins
3. the view from our campsite in tahoe earlier this week. i just uploaded our pictures
4. gosh...i sure missed this little beast while we were away camping. there have been plenty of snuggles this weekend to make up for it

hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. i'll be back tomorrow with a new nightstand post and some exciting news from fourth + school!

p.s. this little site has had a bit of a makeover (it's as far as my web design skills go...but i'm not complaining). what do ya think?! xoxo


what's on your nightstand: erika of radiant republic

what's on your nightstand is back with the lovely erika of radiant republic! go on...don't be shy, take a peek...

p.s. congrats on your new engagement miss erika!!! xo

i try to keep my nightstand as clutter-free as possible, which can prove to be challenging with the influx of magazines on the lower shelf. i love interior design magazines, so one can always find elle d├ęcor and house beautiful on my nightstand. as a newly engaged girl, i’m sure multiple bridal magazines will be added to the

photos of my family are found everywhere in my home, but i love to keep this picture of my aunt and me on my nightstand - i especially love the cute adirondack frame. finally, i always have a water glass and book on my nightstand. right now, i’m absorbed in jonathan safran foer’s extremely loud and incredibly close. what are you reading this summer?



off to tahoe...

i'm off for a three day camping trip in tahoe and i am soooo excited! be back in a few days with stories and pictures galore. in the meantime, enjoy the first of this summers what's on your nightstand guest posts! have a wonderful week dolls!

image via: pinterest


new at fourth + school

hope you all had a fabulous weekend! i don't have any "scenes from sunday" images to share because my day consisted of house cleaning and posting on etsy, but i do have some fun vintage treasures to share with you...all of which are now for sale in my etsy shop! sending love and well wishes for a fabulous week. xoxo


waterfall braid

i am soooo all about braided hairstyles and this "waterfall braid" is one i have yet to try. love.

image via: pinterest

dear genevieve: nyc pied-a-terre

i've had this episode of dear genevieve saved in my dvr for months. i love going back to it every once in a while for inspiration...


camping: cath kidston style

jason and i are going camping (or glam-ping as i like to say) in tahoe a week from today and i'm so excited! lately i've been all over the internet searching for easy camping recipes, items/clothes to pack and fun, style-y camp gear. who knew cath kidston had such an adorable collection of outdoor necessities - in floral, polka dot (or cowboy!!) print of course. i totally need that teepee tent in my life.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


scenes from the weekend

here's how i spent my holiday weekend (which went by too fast if you ask me):

1. a fresh caprese salad on a 100 degree day, complete with basil from our garden
2. an afternoon in the backyard, sunbathing and reading my new favorite book
3. the mister and i getting ready to enjoy some fireworks
4. we get comfy and watched the downtown napa fireworks from our front yard

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


happy friday/holiday weekend!

dear friends,
i have exciting news! in recent months this little blog as grown and i have now decided to accept sponsorships (and offer design services!!)! however, i'm still building this corner of the interweb and at this time i wouldn't feel right about charging a fee...SO...good news for you lovelies...i'm currently offering FREE sponsorship for your blog, site or shop to the first ten commenters on this post!

the deets:
  • first come, first served
  • your ad will appear on the right side of this blog for the month of july
  • all ads will be free until july 31st
  • i will contact the first ten dolls who comment with more information as soon as i have responses
  • please leave your email within your comment
so today is july 1st and i want your ads to run as long as possible, as soon as you comment we'll get things rolling! all i ask in return is that you share the love, as in...if you mention sincerely, cecelia on your facebook, twitter or blog that would totes make me smile :)

i am so excited that this blog is growing, thank you millions for continuing to follow and i hope you all have the most fabulous fourth of july weekend e v e r!

p.s. don't forget...i'm also having a holiday sale over at my etsy shop fourth + school! check out the fun new items and take 30% off your purchase using code "fireworks" at checkout! xoxoxoxo


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