fashion meets lighting

during a recent browse through the march issue of harper's bazaar i came across a dress dripping with crystals from the spring 2010 prada collection. i. fell. in. love. seriously. then i thought to myself...its a chandelier that you can wear! i wouldn't even want to wear it...but it sure is fabulous to look at. g l a m o r o u s.


via prada


blackboard inspiration

someday when i own a house i will definitely be painting an entire wall in my kitchen or office with blackboard paint. i've recently been inspired by the following images:


or if you happen to be a renter like me...why not paint the inset of a door or a picture frame with blackboard paint? its functional yet it can also be used to display your artwork even if you're not artistic (i.e. cute stick figures, simple flowers, the faux bookshelves shown below, even a simple list can look artistic...)




happy ♥ day to you!
this year bf and i had a low key evening...i work on sundays so when i got off we enjoyed a little champagne and watched "jumper" (EXTRA lame...rachel bilson...whyyyy?) aaaand "the hangover" (even more hilarious every time you watch it). it was a nice relaxing evening. how did you spend valentine's day? xoxo

via me! (taken during my drive home from work)



i. am. in. love. thank you lonny magazine for filling the domino void in my life...


metallic linen

i always tell my co-worker not to let me select the fabric samples for the showroom because it's impossible for me not to request every style + color! during a recent meeting with a rep from pinder + pindler i was introduced to the world of beautiful metallic linen fabric (i die) and of course i had to go for every color option. i've always been crazy about linen for the natural look and incredible texture + now the metallic addition takes it right from casual to crazy glamorous. here is an etsy shop called marketa i've found selling beautiful clutches made of this opulent fabric...

p.s. marketa has a leather line coming out this year too!

via mpsen on etsy

real bangs

so i've been toying with the idea of real bangs for a few months now. my lovely hairstylist (and cousin) tried to convince me back in november to go for it, but it seemed like too big of a change at the time. now that i've had time to think about it + see a few brave friends take the plunge...i've decided its my time. here are the images i'll be taking to my appointment on monday...

the perfect kitchen

currently oogling over this ultra sleek + perfectly styled kitchen. loving the sparkly backsplash, clean white cabinetry paired with light wood floors, lacquered dining chairs, fresh roses wrapped in newspaper and of course i'm always down for a little veuve clicquot.

p.s. would you have guessed this cabinetry is from ikea?!


luxe for less: feminine + sleek bathroom

oh how i'd loooove to call this bathroom my own...

for a similar look:

bath rug - $20.99 (or make your own!)
chair - $99.95
hand towel - $5.00


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