what's on your nightstand: niki of yummy scrumptious

today's nightstand comes from niki of yummy scrumptious. niki lives in atlanta, georgia and works as an interior designer for mark williams design associates (and she has a very inspiring design portfolio!!). i found her through the fabulous brian patrick flynn's design blog decor demon and i was so happy to learn that she is a bay area girl at heart. check out her nightstand in her athens, greece vacation home...

What's on my nightstand in Athens, Greece?
Once I step off the plane in Athens my life is instantly all about simplicity. All I want to do is have a good time, look decent, relax and enjoy myself. My in laws built an apartment building in the city back in the late 60's, it's 5 stories and the top floor belongs to us. My mother in law has spend years renovating and adding on to the house and it's so much fun for all of us to be there together and enjoy each other. Often our days are filled with trips to the market, long marathon afternoon coffees, and unexpected visits from family and friends. When I am there I am all about simplicity and so is my nightstand. In our room, my husband Sandy said there has been the same furniture since he was a kid, clearly it's from the 80's and it's almost so hilarious that it's fabulous! Yes, our nightstands are built-in to our bed, with integrated lights (and an integrated radio!) It's really amazing and it totally makes me laugh, although I do try to keep it sort of current with cute sheets--I can't help it, the designer in me just forces me to.
So what lives on my 30 year old, illuminated nightstand? The necessities for looking good at a moments notice and things I love, there isn't room for much else! Jasmine and tuberose candle from Zara Home, it smells so delicious that I bought 5 and the oil/reed room diffuser (can't get it here in the states!)  A program from the New Acropolis Museum, which is such an incredible place, I have never had such a moving experience in a building before. I was totally blown away by the building, it's beauty, and overwhelmed by the amazing things inside. Essentials like Emporio Armani She perfume and Chanel moisturizer, at least I can look hydrated and smell nice when people come over! Since being on vacation, even in a vacation home, is all about convenience I keep my make-up in a Ziploc back. It's not glamorous, it's practical. I don't want to dig around looking for eyeliner or lip-gloss, I want to find it, throw it on, and go! And if I can't find it, I put on my giant Jackie-O RayBans, throw my hair up in a clip, grab some bangle bracelets and fake it--after all, it's vacation, what do I care? I say that but I do care a little bit. As much as I try to disconnect and recharge, I am too much of a control freak and I can't completely let go of my life and responsibilities at home, I keep my note pad close just in case and I do stay connected with my Greek cell phone and my HD Pro from the States. I am fortunate to have a job and work for a man who lets me leave for 3 weeks, but I personally can't fully enjoy myself if I can't make sure things are under control in the office. But I am lucky to have a beautiful place to go every summer, a boss who lets me, and a silly nightstand that keeps it simple.

image and post via: niki papadopoulos


fall style

fall is my favorite season and for me september brings sunshine yet cooler weather, earlier sunsets, a crisp breeze, fashion magazines as thick as college text books, warming layers for interiors and wardrobes and deeper/richer colors. here are my must-haves for transitioning into fall..

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


she's a gem

i'm kiiiind of drooling over this crystal wall sconce right now...


i've got my eye on...

this insanely adorable jewelry dish a la anthropologie. i think it's safe to say i have a thing for cute little bunnies.


real wedding: jessica + jim

the images from my cousin's wedding just came in! here are a few...wasn't the day just lovely?


me = the false eyelash expert of the day
(thanks to many dance competitions growing up)

the vintage sterling silver equestrian charms i gave my cousin as her "something old"

me in the back trying to follow along during the line dance...
(click to make the image larger...check out my confused scowl)

my pretty cousins

the cake i helped grandma make

my grandparents - killing you with their cuteness

i made the "just married" sign!  :)

aren't they adorable?!

thanks to talia englert for her fabulous photography skills! i keep telling my cousin...if she doesn't submit these to 100 layer cake I WILL.

redmond aldrich design

i can't stop admiring this perfectly polished interior by san francisco designer chloe warner. i've always wanted a library for my design books complete with a sliding ladder and i'm practically drooling over that mustard yellow sofa - the color is just so cheerful!


on etsy | dear golden

i've got a major soft spot for this sweet vintage 1950's party dress from dear golden vintage. for some reason i haven't really gotten into buying vintage clothing, but after stumbling upon this shop i think that may just have to change...

image via: dear golden


what's on your nightstand: tieka of selective potential

today's nightstand comes from the lovely tieka of selective potential, which happens to be the first fashion blog i started following. her sense of style and genuine personality have kept me constantly going back for fashion inspiration. she is the sweetest blog friend i've met so far and i love following her/brett's adventures and the adorable outfits she plans around them. thank you so much tiek for contributing to the series! xo


When I was imagining marriage, I always wanted he and she matching night stands. Mine would be pretty and organized; his would have pennies and lint balls on top. And of course, I got what I imagined and worse because when I peek into my husbands there are crumbled up receipts that I could have really used when balancing the checkbook and of course candy wrappers for when he'd sneak a bite right before bed. So mine, I make sure is a sanctuary of goodness! 

I'm a super neat freak, organized person in the first place. I feel like everything has a place and if it doesn't have a place, it gets tossed. I'm pretty bare minimum - I don't like clutter and I don't want to go searching for something, especially when I first wake up or when I'm getting ready to go to sleep. I have the lamp on my side because I adore reading before bed. So of course, I'd have two amazing books to accompany me - my Who What Wear book and any Emily Giffin novel - because she's my favorite author and her books are amazing. I have my iHome for my alarm clock - I prefer waking up to music rather than a really awful beep sound. A coaster for water glasses. A pretty scent - Sugared Lemon - that I mist often. And of course, a picture of Brett and I goofing off as a constant reminder to not worry about silly things at night because life is too good and fun. 

In my drawer, I keep one novel tucked away, hair ties in case I'm dying of heat and don't feel like walking to the bathroom to tie up my hair, my reading glasses, a cell phone charger so I can charge up my Blackberry every night and Vaseline. I put Vaseline on my lips every night before bed to keep them super smooth and so I wake up with moist lips!

Very simple but everything I need right in one place!               - Tieka


t e a m e m i l y

hurray for emily henderson!! i can't wait to follow her new show secrets from a stylist next sunday on hgtv!




forest green

after recently browsing the september issues of multiple fashion magazines, the reoccurring trend i noticed was tones of grey, camel and forest/olive green. i'm totally on board with wearing and living with these colors and my first step was to purchase a fab new polish for my pedicures. "morbid" by wet n wild is only $1.99 - once it dries it takes on a blackish hue which i like (so i don't feel like an 8 year old girl) and it looks surprisingly chic peaking out of my new clogs. in short...morbid is sinful and dark and absolutely delicious. i highly recommend :)



i've got my eye on...

this stunning kitchen by miles redd. the kelly green lacquered cabinets against the pinstripe wall = perfection and i really think i need that pretty little turquoise espresso maker...

image via: brides.com


u p d a t e

dear friends,

so this morning i officially gave my two week notice at work...and now it's time to study up for my new position! i've always thought it would be an absolute blast to work in floral design...now i actually have the opportunity and i can't wait to take on this new challenge/gain another creative skill. as always, i'll be keeping you all posted (with images of my first arrangements of course) xoxo


on etsy | delightfully lovely

i'm totally drawn to this sweet lacquered cupcake pedestal with scalloped edges. it's super feminine and it comes in seven colors!



what's on your nightstand: sherry of young house love

today's nightstand comes from the lovely sherry over at young house love! those of you who follow john and sherry (and let's not forget their newest addition clara and the handsome burger) through their diy renovating/decorating adventures have probably already seen the incredible organizational works of art that are john and sherry's nightstands here and here. for those of you who haven't, this is a prime example of "making it work" tim gunn-style - which is exactly what the petersik's did by turning one closet into three.

thanks a zillion to sherry for contributing to the series!

attached are two photos of my very untraditional "night table." see, we actually have ikea wardrobes that flank our bed to create a built-in look, and we actually use a shelf behind the curtained wardrobes as our night table of sorts. as you can see i keep some jewelry corralled in a ceramic egg crate and a simple white bowl from the kitchen contains things like face cream, my contact case, chap stick, etc. it definitely is an uncommon setup but it works really well- and if things get messy we love that they're tucked behind a curtain and totally out of sight!                 - sherry


design star

it's safe to say that i'm completely and utterly in love with the quirkiness that is emily henderson. from the moment i saw crystal of plush palate tweet that her good friend would be competing on design star i made sure to keep my eye out for her. week after week emily has not disappointed with her designs and her charm/wit have definitely kept her a step ahead. please, please oh god let her win next sunday...if not i think i may cry (well maybe not...but i will definitely boycott hgtv because i refuse to watch a show all about michael and his wall decals/murphy beds). 

image via: hgtv


sunday supper

the girls of sunday suppers recently hosted a stunning, rooftop ladies luncheon.
the menu:

fried squash blossoms
stuffed with herbs, ricotta, fontina cheese and served with homemade tomato dipping sauce
chilled corn soup
topped with smokey ham and fried corn bits
summer pasta salad
with heirloom tomatoes,white beans, herbs, hazelnuts and parmesan
panna cotta
with muscat macerated summer berries
wouldn't you love to be invited to this party?? i sure would.

images via: sunday suppers


dandelion fluff

i am completely in love with this sweet dandelion fluff dress from modcloth. wouldn't it be the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding dress? (le sigh)


on etsy | anirtak jewelry

i can't help but smile at the sight of this bunny charm jewelry over at anirtak. make sure to stop by the shop to check out all the other charming handmade accessories!


what's on your nightstand: joshua francisco

today's post features the most stylish bow tie, suspender and glasses wearing guy i've ever met. josh was my very first friend in design school and he, julianna (who will be contributing to this series in the near future) and i pulled many delirious all nighters in order to get our design projects done on time and i wouldn't trade those crazy nights for anything (3am coffee anyone?). he has now moved to new york and is working as a stylist for lord & taylor. be sure to check out his killer portfolio...

i heart you joshie <3

my design philosophy is a belief that opposites attract and things should never match. instead they should coordinate and always have one wow unexpected focal point. when i decorated my bedroom, i knew i needed a pair of nightstands that did not come with a matching headboard (barf). so i said to myself, let's go with one mirror finish (it's shiny, modern, and clean) and pair it with a vintage (wood and ornate) which was imported from france. since the mirrored nightstand was so small i decided to decorate with an hourglass that was given to me as a christmas gift. on my wood nightstand, i chose a lot of personal items to display. starting with a grouping of three (always work with odd #'s).
1)  a vase that was given to me for my birthday from a ex-manager filled with burburry golf tees and
the cork from the champagne bottle popped open during my 21st birthday.
2)  menabrea beer bottle (my favorite beer). i just loved the color of the glass and that design of the label. everywhere i go, i have so much appreciation for fonts, colors, logos, placement, and design - so i often use the unexpected for aesthetics in a space i am designing. 
3)  summer by burberry cologne. i use it everyday so it serves as function as well as design. 
next to those objects, i have my favorite designer's (nate berkus) book "home rules"  with a eiffel tower stacked on top - the tower used to be a lamp that i took apart and spray painted white. lastly,  to bring in  some additional height, i used a walnut distressed frame that i put a picture of my favorite musical artist in: britney spears. to keep a consistent and polished look, i chose two matching shiny table lamp bases with large white drum shades, all from target.
images and post via: joshua francisco


put a ring on it

...loving these great faceted light bulbs, perfect for dressing up bare bulbs in interiors of any style.


the bourgie

so when i first walked into farm (the restaurant at the carneros inn in napa) my jaw dropped at the sight of the fantastic bourgie table lamps...hung as pendants in the bar area. s w o o n. omg. seriously? not only that, but the design of the entire resort is out of this world. if you make a trip to the napa valley be sure to stop by for dinner/drinks and be sure to check out the surroundings...every little detail is brilliantly designed.

image via: farm


lovely lace

ummm...where have i been? these plastic lace baskets are great and apparently they've been around for a while {{goooolly, get it together}} great uses for these baskets include...bike basket, photo scrap bin, file storage, toy storage. how incredibly versatile/pretty/absolutely genius.

p.s. the strap is removable.

 image via: the container store

fall wishlist

this foggy morning weather has got me constantly thinking  f a l l. after perusing the september issue of lucky last night i've been pondering my fall wardrobe and one thing i took away from the issue was this:

"...when what september is really about, especially as one becomes an adult, is several fresh, standout pieces and a fresh attitude, a fresh way of looking at pulling it all together. great style is about tweaking your look, not completely overhauling everything." - kim france

so i've decided to begin a fall wardrobe wish list of a few key pieces that will do just that. first on my list: a pair of great riding boots and a pair of leather clogs (thanks eden & sam for the recommendation!). this is what i have in mind...thoughts?

1. frye - mellissa button
2. dolce vita - jezabel


i've got my eye on...

...chunky statement necklaces perfect for both day or evening. i'd wear any of these with a tshirt, dark denim and flats to dress up a casual look.

1. pretty-in-pinking necklace
2. akela necklace
3. river bow necklace
4. set ashore necklace



hoping to have a home office that looks as stylish as this someday...

image via: living etc 


on etsy | urban walls

i'm currently loving these great handmade wall decals by husband and wife team danielle and paul hardy of urban walls. they are perfect accents for renters as the vinyl decals are easily removable and when applied in a symmetrical pattern they resemble the look of wallpaper! i'm definitely keeping these guys in mind for my next apartment...


what's on your nightstand: whitney of darling dexter

whitney is one of my absolute favorite bloggers - her style is simple, feminine, incredibly refined and she is insanely talented. darling dexter is filled to the brim with incredible interior, fashion and photography inspiration and if you are not a follower...go over there right now because you're totally missing out. thank you so much whitney for participating!

all i need are a few reading materials, bedside lamp, and a place to rest my glasses and i'm good to go. i prefer my nightstand to not have a lot of clutter and to simply serve its purpose :)

image and post via: darling dexter


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