b i k r a m

this morning i participated in my first bikram yoga (aka "hot" yoga) class. i was a little nervous about the thought of roasting in 110 degree heat for 90 minutes while attempting to strike awkward poses, but to my surprise it was very therapeutic. the instructor was extremely encouraging and you set the pace of your own work out. not only did i enjoy the class, i also thoroughly enjoyed the design of this new studio which was once a house now converted into a chic, zen, yoga retreat. if you're in napa stop by bikram yoga napa valley!


c i r c u s

britney was amazing. lighting. sets. costumes. dancing.


yummy yellow

i am currently on a huge yellow kick & i just found out about polyvore.com which an incredible website for mixing and matching products from different websites. i found these two "sets" that i just love...


week of recipies

i am so excited about this week's worth of healthy meals that i found on the self magazine website! everything sounds so yummy & they even include a shopping list to make life easier. i can't wait to head to the store so i can start cooking.

via self


beautiful bedroom

natural wood. chunky mirror. oversized photography. crisp white linens. punchy yellow. love this room. (p.s. i am such a fan of pendants used as bedside lighting. very unexpected.)

via hgtv


outfit of the day

just finished reading the latest issue of lucky magazine. i love the elegance & simplicity (i'm noticing this word is becoming a theme throughout my blogging) of this basic yet chic outfit. add a cute little tote bag and this would be the perfect balance of comfy & professional for a day of fabric swatching at the design center.

funny girl

in the past couple of months, i have become a huge fan of chelsea lately on e! network. not only is she hilarious, she is also very fashionable. i love her wardrobe just as much as i love her take on recent hollywood drama.


polly wreford

i have recently been introduced to lifestyle photography and i am a huge fan. i am especially drawn to images by polly wreford who is a still life, interior and lifestyle photographer represented by sarah kaye represents in the u.k. her photography is just gorgeous and so incredibly inspiring. enjoy. (p.s. i just had to include a holiday image...)


$ bling $

i just bought this cute little silver piggy bank from target and starting today i have decided to begin saving for a tropical vacation! hawaii here i come!!!

via target


i just bought a bouquet of fresh white tulips from trader joes. the sight of them brightens up my day every time i walk into my room. the small joys in life.


l a u n d r y

as i am in the middle of doing six loads of laundry...i am dreaming of the day when i will have a laundry room as cute as sarah harthill's (style editor of house & home magazine). i love the clean white walls, glossy white washing machine with polished metal accents, the glass jars and stainless steel shelving for organization, black & white striped rug, large world map hung as artwork and my favorite of all...the beautiful fabric used to disguise an otherwise ugly utility sink. laundry would not be a chore and i would happily do load after load any day in a room like this.


new new new

nate berkus has a new collection of beautiful home furnishings for hsn.com and everything is under $500! i am completely obsessed with the velvet "studio sofa" which is more like a sette at 46" in length and i am crazy about the assortment of embellished pillows (see my previous post). amazing.

via hsn.com



i have recently grown to love embellishments...of any kind. ruffles. lace. embroidery. eyelet. its all amazing. i absolutely adore this lovely little turquoise petal-like accent pillow.

s i m p l i c i t y

i just love the simplicity of this clean-lined entryway vignette. the crisp white lacquered buffet, glass bubble lamp, natural wood frame and the bright pop of the lemons and limes (resting in an egg holder!) are all too perfect.


b e a u t y

this time of year wild mustard flowers take over the vineyards here in napa. so beautiful. so inspiring.

via flickr


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