you know its the beginning of fall when...

1. you're tempted out of the usual "tall coffee with room for cream" routine into purchasing a delightful pumpkin spice latte

2. you find yourself excited about golden sunsets, yellow leaves, crisp chilly weather & crunchy leaves on sidewalks

3. you do a dance of joy at the first sight of pumpkins at the grocery store

4. while brainstorming halloween costumes you start feeling nostalgic about that pink power ranger costume you wore when you were eight

5. when every morning starts with the thought: can i wear boots today??

6. tights. striped. solid. woolen. yum.

7. you start to crave sweet potatoes with marshmellow topping, green bean casserole and delicious pies: pumpkin and apple. double yum.

what makes you think of autumn?

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Anonymous said...

The smell of wine in the air from harvest, crisp cool night, pumpkin spice candles, and Eggnog in the stores, Friday night football!

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