renegade in sf

i'm so upset...i just found out there is a great craft fair going on in san francisco right now called the renegade craft fair. this event has over 150 indie-craft and contemporary design talents selling handmade items just in time for last minute holiday shopping. its going on today and tomorrow from 11am to 7pm at the fort masion center and i'd totally be there, but i'm manning the store this weekend...

via renegade craft


stardustandberries said...

aww that's too bad. But I do love your blog! The lovely photos are so airy and inspirational. Would you mind if I linked you under my fav. blogs section?

Happy Holidays and have a great weekend even if you don't make it to the fair!

Anna from http://rosystardustdreams.blogspot.com/

CECELIA said...

oh, thank you so much and of course! i'd love for you to add me as a favorite. thank you for posting your link! i'll check out your blog :)

happy holidays to you too!!

sincerely, cecelia

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