blackboard inspiration

someday when i own a house i will definitely be painting an entire wall in my kitchen or office with blackboard paint. i've recently been inspired by the following images:


or if you happen to be a renter like me...why not paint the inset of a door or a picture frame with blackboard paint? its functional yet it can also be used to display your artwork even if you're not artistic (i.e. cute stick figures, simple flowers, the faux bookshelves shown below, even a simple list can look artistic...)



Christina said...

I love blackboards and when I see them in peoples houses there is just this warm childhood feeling that comes from it...BUT I DOOOO hate chalk dust...eek...other than that...its very cool.

Mary said...

You could get piece of dry erase board (or suitable sub) from a home improvement store like Lowes and frame it in a dark frame (like the framed chalkboard above). That would take care of the chalk dust.

CECELIA said...

what an excellent idea mary. thanks!

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