metallic linen

i always tell my co-worker not to let me select the fabric samples for the showroom because it's impossible for me not to request every style + color! during a recent meeting with a rep from pinder + pindler i was introduced to the world of beautiful metallic linen fabric (i die) and of course i had to go for every color option. i've always been crazy about linen for the natural look and incredible texture + now the metallic addition takes it right from casual to crazy glamorous. here is an etsy shop called marketa i've found selling beautiful clutches made of this opulent fabric...

p.s. marketa has a leather line coming out this year too!

via mpsen on etsy


JRDM designs & photography said...

This reminds me of that "clutch" that i made out of leather from when i worked at pottery barn! hahahahahah i love inventing things

seesaw designs said...

sooo pretty!


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