color scheme

i'm currently working on a pillow grouping that must involve the color orange/persimmon and must be created only with pillows that are currently for sale at my work. here is what i've come up with so far...

what is your favorite??

p.s. please ignore the blueish purple chairs...i only used them to prop up the pillows :)

[iridescent pillows have random typewriter script front and metallic blue backing]

[images via: me]


Sandy a la Mode said...

i really like the turqoise pillow but i am not sure it fits real well w/ the oranges, i feel like it stands out too much... maybe if some of the other pillows had some more turqoise accents it could work better?? i really like grouping 5 the best! but then again, i'm not the best person to ask about design b/c i need help too! ;)

Yummy Scrumptious said...

Love groupings 4 and 5! Ship them to me in the ATL!

-ana o. said...

I love Grouping #2! I love how the turquoise pillow just POPS in it. And the sparkly pillows are such a nice accent. :D

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