opi axxium

so i just heard about this new opi axxium gel manicure and i am incredibly intruiged. a manicure that stays on for weeks (?!) without chipping or loosing its beautiful shine?! count me in - anyone know of a salon in the bay area offering this service?

[image via: opi]


Natalie said...

OMG I saw Erin tweet about that! If you find anywhere in Napa, let me know please!

-ana o. said...

Let me know how this is after you try it! I'm really interested now.

Christina said...

Whats funny is while I was in Esthetician school, a company came in showcasing their mineral products. Explaining that by adding the mineral powder of your choice (which we had many choices of colors and textures) to a manicure GEL, your color would be OF the gel and not on top of it, thus...no chipping. It's pretty simple really. If you can find someone who's willing to mix their gel for you, I have a great site of products! :D

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