sunday recipe: light strawberry shortcake

my new favorite summer dessert is strawberry shortcake - have you tasted strawberries recently? omg. they're delicious and it's only the beginning of berry season so you know they are just going to get better. here is my simple little (surprisingly low calorie) recipe:

step 1:      start with a mini vanilla cake dessert cup.
                 i got mine from whole foods.

step 2:     slice three strawberries into thirds and lay them on top of
                your cake.

step 3:     swirl on a dollop of light whipped topping and enjoy!

the skinny

(1) vanilla dessert cake - 100 cal
(3) strawberries - 45 cal
(2 tbsp) light whipped topping - 10 cal

images via: sincerely, cecelia

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