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since it's still #nateday here on the west coast (at 11:30pm)...here are a few more images of some of my favorite spaces designed by nate the great...

and a few great design tips from nate:
[may 2010 issue of o magazine]

1. if you touch it every day, it should be beautiful: from your cabinet knobs to your mail tray. my toothbrush holder is a heavy cut-glass tumbler that i got for a couple of bucks at a flea market. it's lovely, and it feels special to me.

2. brighten your outlook: on your next grocery run, buy some tulips and put them in a vase by the kitchen sink. doing the dishes won't seem so drab anymore.

3. edit, edit, edit: i jam-pack my rooms with all kinds of found objects and accessories - but then i step back and put a few items away. paring down is what makes a good room great.

4. don't let the tv take over the living room: mine hangs amid wall-to-wall bookshelves, so the space looks more like a den than a media room. alternatively, an antique armoire can double as an entertainment cabinet - when the tv is off, close the doors and watch your family and friends instead.

5. get the picture: i have a million and one photos in my home: family, friends, my dogs, vacations. the fabric of my life is framed and hung on my walls. photographs can turn a house into a home.

images all via: flickr

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Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

I love that line - "if you touch it everyday, it should be beautiful." Have a great weekend! xxSAS

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