what's on your nightstand: joshua francisco

today's post features the most stylish bow tie, suspender and glasses wearing guy i've ever met. josh was my very first friend in design school and he, julianna (who will be contributing to this series in the near future) and i pulled many delirious all nighters in order to get our design projects done on time and i wouldn't trade those crazy nights for anything (3am coffee anyone?). he has now moved to new york and is working as a stylist for lord & taylor. be sure to check out his killer portfolio...

i heart you joshie <3

my design philosophy is a belief that opposites attract and things should never match. instead they should coordinate and always have one wow unexpected focal point. when i decorated my bedroom, i knew i needed a pair of nightstands that did not come with a matching headboard (barf). so i said to myself, let's go with one mirror finish (it's shiny, modern, and clean) and pair it with a vintage (wood and ornate) which was imported from france. since the mirrored nightstand was so small i decided to decorate with an hourglass that was given to me as a christmas gift. on my wood nightstand, i chose a lot of personal items to display. starting with a grouping of three (always work with odd #'s).
1)  a vase that was given to me for my birthday from a ex-manager filled with burburry golf tees and
the cork from the champagne bottle popped open during my 21st birthday.
2)  menabrea beer bottle (my favorite beer). i just loved the color of the glass and that design of the label. everywhere i go, i have so much appreciation for fonts, colors, logos, placement, and design - so i often use the unexpected for aesthetics in a space i am designing. 
3)  summer by burberry cologne. i use it everyday so it serves as function as well as design. 
next to those objects, i have my favorite designer's (nate berkus) book "home rules"  with a eiffel tower stacked on top - the tower used to be a lamp that i took apart and spray painted white. lastly,  to bring in  some additional height, i used a walnut distressed frame that i put a picture of my favorite musical artist in: britney spears. to keep a consistent and polished look, i chose two matching shiny table lamp bases with large white drum shades, all from target.
images and post via: joshua francisco


CDS said...

That's quite a nightstand!

kelly said...

so cool! love a guy's perspective {and looove that britney pic...hehe}

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