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today's nightstand comes from niki of yummy scrumptious. niki lives in atlanta, georgia and works as an interior designer for mark williams design associates (and she has a very inspiring design portfolio!!). i found her through the fabulous brian patrick flynn's design blog decor demon and i was so happy to learn that she is a bay area girl at heart. check out her nightstand in her athens, greece vacation home...

What's on my nightstand in Athens, Greece?
Once I step off the plane in Athens my life is instantly all about simplicity. All I want to do is have a good time, look decent, relax and enjoy myself. My in laws built an apartment building in the city back in the late 60's, it's 5 stories and the top floor belongs to us. My mother in law has spend years renovating and adding on to the house and it's so much fun for all of us to be there together and enjoy each other. Often our days are filled with trips to the market, long marathon afternoon coffees, and unexpected visits from family and friends. When I am there I am all about simplicity and so is my nightstand. In our room, my husband Sandy said there has been the same furniture since he was a kid, clearly it's from the 80's and it's almost so hilarious that it's fabulous! Yes, our nightstands are built-in to our bed, with integrated lights (and an integrated radio!) It's really amazing and it totally makes me laugh, although I do try to keep it sort of current with cute sheets--I can't help it, the designer in me just forces me to.
So what lives on my 30 year old, illuminated nightstand? The necessities for looking good at a moments notice and things I love, there isn't room for much else! Jasmine and tuberose candle from Zara Home, it smells so delicious that I bought 5 and the oil/reed room diffuser (can't get it here in the states!)  A program from the New Acropolis Museum, which is such an incredible place, I have never had such a moving experience in a building before. I was totally blown away by the building, it's beauty, and overwhelmed by the amazing things inside. Essentials like Emporio Armani She perfume and Chanel moisturizer, at least I can look hydrated and smell nice when people come over! Since being on vacation, even in a vacation home, is all about convenience I keep my make-up in a Ziploc back. It's not glamorous, it's practical. I don't want to dig around looking for eyeliner or lip-gloss, I want to find it, throw it on, and go! And if I can't find it, I put on my giant Jackie-O RayBans, throw my hair up in a clip, grab some bangle bracelets and fake it--after all, it's vacation, what do I care? I say that but I do care a little bit. As much as I try to disconnect and recharge, I am too much of a control freak and I can't completely let go of my life and responsibilities at home, I keep my note pad close just in case and I do stay connected with my Greek cell phone and my HD Pro from the States. I am fortunate to have a job and work for a man who lets me leave for 3 weeks, but I personally can't fully enjoy myself if I can't make sure things are under control in the office. But I am lucky to have a beautiful place to go every summer, a boss who lets me, and a silly nightstand that keeps it simple.

image and post via: niki papadopoulos


Yummy Scrumptious said...

This is my first ever guest post! I have never done that for anyone before and I am so excited!

Kelly said...

aw this is so much fun!! I love the lighted nightstand! :)

<3 Kelly

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Wow..never seen anything like that before. I love candles from Zara home too.

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