what's on your nightstand: sherry of young house love

today's nightstand comes from the lovely sherry over at young house love! those of you who follow john and sherry (and let's not forget their newest addition clara and the handsome burger) through their diy renovating/decorating adventures have probably already seen the incredible organizational works of art that are john and sherry's nightstands here and here. for those of you who haven't, this is a prime example of "making it work" tim gunn-style - which is exactly what the petersik's did by turning one closet into three.

thanks a zillion to sherry for contributing to the series!

attached are two photos of my very untraditional "night table." see, we actually have ikea wardrobes that flank our bed to create a built-in look, and we actually use a shelf behind the curtained wardrobes as our night table of sorts. as you can see i keep some jewelry corralled in a ceramic egg crate and a simple white bowl from the kitchen contains things like face cream, my contact case, chap stick, etc. it definitely is an uncommon setup but it works really well- and if things get messy we love that they're tucked behind a curtain and totally out of sight!                 - sherry

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