what's on your nightstand: tieka of selective potential

today's nightstand comes from the lovely tieka of selective potential, which happens to be the first fashion blog i started following. her sense of style and genuine personality have kept me constantly going back for fashion inspiration. she is the sweetest blog friend i've met so far and i love following her/brett's adventures and the adorable outfits she plans around them. thank you so much tiek for contributing to the series! xo


When I was imagining marriage, I always wanted he and she matching night stands. Mine would be pretty and organized; his would have pennies and lint balls on top. And of course, I got what I imagined and worse because when I peek into my husbands there are crumbled up receipts that I could have really used when balancing the checkbook and of course candy wrappers for when he'd sneak a bite right before bed. So mine, I make sure is a sanctuary of goodness! 

I'm a super neat freak, organized person in the first place. I feel like everything has a place and if it doesn't have a place, it gets tossed. I'm pretty bare minimum - I don't like clutter and I don't want to go searching for something, especially when I first wake up or when I'm getting ready to go to sleep. I have the lamp on my side because I adore reading before bed. So of course, I'd have two amazing books to accompany me - my Who What Wear book and any Emily Giffin novel - because she's my favorite author and her books are amazing. I have my iHome for my alarm clock - I prefer waking up to music rather than a really awful beep sound. A coaster for water glasses. A pretty scent - Sugared Lemon - that I mist often. And of course, a picture of Brett and I goofing off as a constant reminder to not worry about silly things at night because life is too good and fun. 

In my drawer, I keep one novel tucked away, hair ties in case I'm dying of heat and don't feel like walking to the bathroom to tie up my hair, my reading glasses, a cell phone charger so I can charge up my Blackberry every night and Vaseline. I put Vaseline on my lips every night before bed to keep them super smooth and so I wake up with moist lips!

Very simple but everything I need right in one place!               - Tieka

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