sunday: design project

happy sunday friends! i'm treasuring my sundays off which currently consist of coffee/brunch, flea marketing, snuggling with nelli, blogging and a whole lot of relaxing (except for today...i have to go get a new tire *sad face*). it's been a long time since i've had a weekend (day) off and i'm enjoying this new little luxury.

today i thought i'd share a project i put together recently for my fabulous, newly married cousin! mr. and mrs. gerig live in an adorable oregon town called silverton in a great craftsman style house. now that they're married they are hoping to add a little personalization to the place to make it fit their new lifestyle together.

she is a barrel racer, turned hair stylist and he works as an agronomist for the northwest's largest ag supply company, wilco. while working with their existing leather sofa and vintage trunk, i wanted to give them a rustic/vintage yet refined/updated style that feels collected. here's a look at their living room so far...

image via: sincerely, cecelia
**send me an email for product source information!


Anonymous said...

This looks great. I love it.

I was just in Oregon. Salem, to be exact.

CECELIA said...

how funny, my cousin used to live in salem :) isn't oregon beautiful?

ana.o. said...

That's awesome! Good job, I love it.

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