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So, what's on my nightstand?  Well, it's definitely not much that's for sure.  I decorate my bedroom and my nightstand pretty minimally.  I'm not sure why because I wouldn't say that the rest of my house is minimal but it's just something I've always done.  I love pictures, especially pictures of my family so my nightstand always has pictures of my hubby and my family on it.  I usually end up rotating my picture frames around my house, and right now on my night stand I've got a couple of square frames holding a picture of me and my husband soon after we met.  The other frame holds a picture of my mom, my brother and me at a football game.  I'm really into sea life right now and not too long ago I got a piece of faux coral from Z.Gallerie and it landed on my nightstand.  Reading relaxes me so I'll read at night from time to time.  I keep my latest design magazines on my night stand because they make for great bedtime reading.  I don't have to worry about losing my place when I fall asleep in the middle of reading one.  I have a jewelry chest but for some reason I can never seem to put my jewelry in it.  It's usually scattered throughout the bedroom and inevitably some pieces land on my nightstand.  More often than not it's covered in jewelry.   Lastly I have a few necessities, my cell phone and my glasses.  I usually watch TV before I fall asleep (I know, I know...very bad habit) and I have to have my glasses to see the TV. And that's pretty much it...very simple and extremely functional.

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