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today we get a peek into the elegant life of trina burke. trina's blog a country farmhouse is filled to the brim with simplicity and sophistication and every post contains images that look like they could be straight from a shelter magazine. i read daily for updates on the farmhouse remodel, delicious recipes using fresh ingredients and for baby news! if you didn't know...trina and her husband are expecting twins! congrats trina and thank you so much for contributing!

I'm afraid that my nightstand may be a bit boring! This is a cleaned up version. Lately it's been covered in Kleenex from a cold I can't shake! I bought this stand at a flea market for about $100. As you can see, it's quite small so I've gotten into the habit of keeping it pretty sparse. I do own an alarm clock but my husband steals it (for backup). The other items include a landscape piece by my favorite artist Eric Jacobsen and a lamp. I also try to keep a small vase of flowers (from the garden or from the grocery store) to keep things fresh.

I've thought about switching out the Eastlake table for something that could hold books or other items, but I really like having the marble tabletop to put vases of flowers on and a glass of water when I go to bed at night - no ring marks when you bump your water in the dark! 

The chair next to the nightstand can accumulate my latest readings but I tend to do most of my reading, list making and other organizational tasks on the couch downstairs or in my office, which is literally less than a dozen steps away. My husband's nightstand is another story! He has to read before he goes to bed each night so he has quite the stack of magazines and books on his. Because of this, his nightstand is bigger and has a shelf for storage. Although the floor accumulates a stack or two as well - perhaps his nightstand would be more interesting! 

Sweet Dreams!

images and text via: a country farmhouse


Trina said...

Hi Cecelia,
Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your 'What's on your nightstand?' feature. It's such a great idea and I've really enjoyed looking at posts from other bloggers. Nightstands are such wonderful little snippets of self expression. It's quite fascinating!
X Trina


great feature! i love trina and her nightstand!

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