happy holidays!

this week i'm signing off a bit early to get ready for a holiday cocktail party tonight and a long, three day weekend filled with holiday cheer/24th birthday bliss! i hope everyone has a beautiful and happy holiday spent with friends and family. i'll leave you all with a few images of what the holidays look like in our new apartment... xo

**update** after posting these pictures i'm now realizing just how many pieces of birch furniture we have...some painting or thifting/antiquing may be in order for the new year :)

*living room*

*our tree and the two narcissus bulbs i planted right when we moved in*

*gifts ready to be delivered*

*dining room table*

*the dining room buffet*

*check out the cutie little vintage santas that my boss gave me for my birthday!*


Lindsey said...

where did you get the glass candlesticks in the first picture?? SOO cute

CECELIA said...

cb2!! :)

LindsB said...

that little side table looks like its itching for a paint job- start with that one if you are in the painting mood :)

CECELIA said...

oh...it will DEFINITELY be getting a paint job. i've been searching for a new drawer pull too :)

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