what's on your nightstand: my very own nightstand

i thought putting my amateur photography skills to the test and sharing my own nightstand would be a fab way to start off a new year for the series! so here is my very own nightstand before i moved into the new apartment...so you can bet i'll be sharing a new vignette in the near future!

the nightstand itself came from my grandparents - who in my opinion are flea marketing professionals. they have the greatest barn in oregon chock-full of vintage treasure that they sell at markets and occasionally on ebay. this headboard came from them too, i didn't bring it with me during the move though because i plan to make a diy upholstered version soon.

i always keep a stack of design magazines/books bedside for constant inspiration and like many of my fellow bloggers...manicures frequently take place here. my nightstand is current rocking opi bubble bath and drip dry...my diy manicure lifesaver...i highly recommend you pick some up.

as far as accessories go...

1. lamp - target (purchased with my very first paycheck from my first real design job here, three years ago)
2. letter "c" - a vintage find from the alameda flea market
3. candle - the original olivina scent "cielo" a gift from a co-worker. soooo lovely
4. silver tray - a must for earrings and hair ties before bed, found at the church mouse thrift shop in sonoma
5. iphone - i feel naked without it

and my bedding, etc...

1. damask duvet set - ikea
2. throw pillows, white linens and linen bedskirt - target
3. tiny/adorable chihuahua - her name is nelli...you can't have her :)

i hope you enjoyed a peak at my little nightstand...i can't wait to share the bedroom in our new apartment once it's finished! have a super fab week everyone! xo

p.s. thanks mom for letting me borrow your camera! :)


CDS said...

Great nightstand! :)

Karen V said...

Best post yet Cece! I love your nightstand posts, but seeing yours is very refreshing.

maggeygrace said...

Ah! You have such a cute pup and I love your bedding. That nightstand is also quite eccentric and unique- I love it! I love the iphone sitting there too- hahhaha. It's definitely a crucial item to be next to me at night, too!

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