royal wedding slumber party

so its 12:15 am here at my little flat in napa, california and i'm in the middle of a full blown all nighter. what's the occassion? the royal wedding of course. thursdays = my day off and throughout the day (while dominating a major pile of laundry) i got caught up on all the latest royal wedding/fashion predictions and i even watched a made-for-tv movie about william and kate's love story. basically, i have a new wealth of royal knowledge...and i'm already feeling a bit delirious...midnight is waaay past my bedtime.

i'm about to head over to sam's for a long night of live coverage filled with pj's, homemade tiaras and champagne...AND i guarantee we'll be tweeting live. follow us at @sncerelycecelia and @samanthawyman for some fun...who's joining us?

p.s. did i mention that i work at 9am tomorrow morning? i miiiiight have multiple redbulls chilling in the fridge...

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