strawberry honey pies

after watching giada's "elegant and easy" luncheon episode on the food network last week, i decided to brave our kitchen, put on my cherry print apron and attempt her baby strawberry and honey pie recipe. after all...it calls for store bought pie crust...how difficult could it be?

instead of using a mini muffin pan (because i didn't have one) i used the regular size so i figured i'd need a bit more filling. instead of following and doubling the recipe exactly i kiiind of came up with my own little concoction which proceeded to bubble and leak from the pies (as you can see) and once the pies cooled, what was left of the filling was a bit too tart for my taste (probably because i juiced three lemons). anyway, they didn't quite turn out as i'd hoped but i plan to reattempt/perfect these little babies in the near future - they sure were cute though...

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