happy friday/holiday weekend!

dear friends,
i have exciting news! in recent months this little blog as grown and i have now decided to accept sponsorships (and offer design services!!)! however, i'm still building this corner of the interweb and at this time i wouldn't feel right about charging a fee...SO...good news for you lovelies...i'm currently offering FREE sponsorship for your blog, site or shop to the first ten commenters on this post!

the deets:
  • first come, first served
  • your ad will appear on the right side of this blog for the month of july
  • all ads will be free until july 31st
  • i will contact the first ten dolls who comment with more information as soon as i have responses
  • please leave your email within your comment
so today is july 1st and i want your ads to run as long as possible, as soon as you comment we'll get things rolling! all i ask in return is that you share the love, as in...if you mention sincerely, cecelia on your facebook, twitter or blog that would totes make me smile :)

i am so excited that this blog is growing, thank you millions for continuing to follow and i hope you all have the most fabulous fourth of july weekend e v e r!

p.s. don't forget...i'm also having a holiday sale over at my etsy shop fourth + school! check out the fun new items and take 30% off your purchase using code "fireworks" at checkout! xoxoxoxo


Really Cute Stuff said...

Ooh ... we'd love to be one of your first "sponsors"! And we'd love to share some love too!

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

count me in - you are the best!! can't wait to share the love. :)

Aki said...

I'm in too!! Thanks for doing this!!!!!!!

Aki said...

P.S. Sorry forgot my email!!: nimblenomad0(at)gmail(dot)com

Your Southern Peach said...

Hi Ceclia,

I'd love to sponsor. Thanks for the opportunity and I know some of my readers will love meeting you too!


Daniella said...

Wonderful! I'd love to sign up. And I'm sure all my followers will love you too!



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