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today susi of design shuffle is putting a fun, new spin on the nightstand series!
thank you design shuffle for guest blogging this week!
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Thanks for inviting me and Design Shuffle to visit your blog, Cecelia. 
Like you, I have a simple wood nightstand. Mine is currently piled with summer 
reading and a vintage lamp.  So I was inspired to go looking for unexpected 
nightstands to see what clever ideas people had come up with to replace the basic 
nightstand.  I love some of these ideas, I hope you love them too.
Unexpected Nightstands Swiss Miss (via)
In a tight space, a floating shelf and pendant light make the perfect 
nightstand alternative. The floating shelf doesn’t take up any floor space either. Love the large pulley holding the light.
Unexpected NightstandsCupcakes and Cashmere (via)
This is a great use for vintage suitcases. Love the pastel colors and the mirror used as a tray on top.
Unexpected Nightstands Susk and Banoo (via)
Can you guess what this is? It’s a dentist cabinet with a white marble top. 
Love the blue color. A great repurposed piece for holding books, sleep mask, ear plugs… whatever you need. 
From dentist's office to interior design—who knew?
Unexpected Nightstands The Painted Hive (via)
A chest of drawers makes for a swell nightstand if you have the space next to the bed. 
Just make sure the chest of drawers isn’t too tall.
Unexpected NightstandsAmy Meier Design (via)
A demilune console table makes for an elegant bedside table. Not sure 
if this would hold all my books but it would be great for a guest room to hold a carafe of water, a clock and a lamp.
Unexpected NightstandsPinterest (via)
A Parsons desk makes for a smart nightstand alternative with extra surface space and drawers for storage. 
Could be used as a desk or vanity as well as a nightstand.
Unexpected NightstandsPinterest (via)
For the minimalist bedroom design, painted white Moroccan stools can replace bulky nightstands. 
Love the pendant lights that provide light but don’t take up any horizontal space.
Unexpected NightstandsApartment Therapy (via)
This birdhouse/bookholder/nightstand is my favorite for creativity and form meets function. 
A place for a glass of water, your glasses and the book you are reading… all cleverly designed. Love it.

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Aki said...

i love all these night stand ideas. I'm in the market for a couple now so, thanks for the inspiration!

Kyra said...

Love these ideas! I think I'm going to have to try one.... just not sure which one yet. Love your blog btw!

Aico Furniture said...

I liked the idea of the floating shelf. The suitcase reminded me of an ottoman which one of my friend made.He stuck some cushions on top of the suitcase and gave some spray paints on the side. LOL An ottoman is ready.

Murano Chandeliers said...

The pendant light is a very clever idea. I totally love it. It fits just right in the bedroom.

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