i've been absent around these parts lately...busy with work, life and loooots of puppy snuggles. here are some things that are currently making me happy:

1. my new sheepskin rug from ikea, draped over a chair in our living room.
2. mulling spice from trader joes. i like to boil a few tablespoons on the stove...it makes
the whole apartment smell so cozy!
3. my new sparkly fall flats...from payless!
4. this happened yesterday and i can't get enough of these two together. xo

i also decorated the buffet table in our dining room for halloween. i'm not usually too excited about halloween, but this year i was feeling festive so i went with a black + mercury glass theme with some fun hanging orange/black paper pinwheels! aaand in case you didn't know...black candles are ΓΌber chic :)

have you decorated for halloween yet?

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CDS said...

C- I was just in Napa last month. Your things are def worth snuggling up to :)
xoxo. Ceci

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