what's in my bag...

i was so inspired by a recent post from liz that i decided to recreate my own version to show you all what i tote around with me everyday...

* house beautiful + architectural digest - i always have a magazine shoved in my purse. these are two of my favs

* daily planner + pen - i'm a list girl and this adorable planner helps me stay organized. i just got it in january from target and i looove it for the graphic canvas cover and the fact that i can just buy a new insert every year

* wallet - this lovely silver leather wallet [found at banana republic] has just enough space to hold my mons, debit card, business cards and the assortment of random tutti melon [yuuum foyo], coldstone, free tanning cards, etc that collect and end up occuping all of the card slots

* clinique happy to be - my handy little perfume pen. my fav scent other than clinique happy in bloom [lurve]

* nail polish - i've always got a few random nail polishes at the bottom of my bag

* lipgloss - my fav from mac "rose champagne" is so soft + pretty with a hint of sparkle

* business cards - always have them handy

* miniature measuring tape - okay...my friends always make fun of me for having odd little treasures in my purse, but i assure you this is very handy

* oversized sunglasses - i go for the $20 pairs at target because i'm known for scratching the lens or loosing them altogether

* orbits big pak - the biggest pack of gum you've ever seen. 35 pieces

there you have it. what do you carry in your bag?


Sandy said...

i just did my post on this on thursday! =) i love that cute little planner and pen!

JRDMdesigns said...

AHHHHH U CREATIVE LADYBUG!!!! i loveeee this =)

Juliet {the juliet notes} said...

You're so organized!! I love the Target planner. Now I want one!!

Anonymous said...

oh my not only do we have the same cute purse but we have the exact same planner.. haha great minds think alike!!

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