DIY hanging coat rack

i found this clever diy project this evening and i had to share...

if you have a narrow entryway or a shortage of closet space in your home, try this easy DIY as an alternative to traditional, free-standing coat racks.

  • fallen branch
  • 2 equal lengths of chain link (measure from ceiling to approximate hanging height and multiply by two to get the length of each chain)
  • 2 eye hooks
  • 2 screw anchors
  • drill
  • hammer
  • low- or no-VOC paint
step 1: paint the branch
choose a sturdy, fairly straight branch with a few knots that give it an interesting shape, and make sure the hook of a hanger can fit around the diameter. let the branch dry out completely, then, using a small brush, paint it with eco-friendly white paint for a fresh look.

step 2: secure eye hooks in ceiling
anchor two ceiling hooks 1' from the wall, to ensure enough space for coats to hang. the distance between each hook will depend on the length of the branch. measure in about 6" from the tip of each end for balance. drill a hole in the ceiling, tap in a screw anchor with a hammer, then screw in the eye hooks.

step 3: hang the finished branch
slip both ends of one length of chain link onto an eye hook to create a loop. repeat for the other eye hook. the length of chain will depend on ceiling height, but the branch should rest about 5' or so above the floor. finish by sliding the branch through the loops. for extra stability, nail the chain to the branch.

rug, dash & albert; chair, homesense; shoe cabinet, ikea; wall colour, miracle (p5085-24d), branch colour, whipped cream (p5233-14), sssence by para paints.

text by: kathryn bala
photography: john cullen
project found via: canadian house and home


Color Collective said...

OMG, i LOVE this!!!!

ana.o. said...

I am so in love with this! Definitely trying to figure out what else I could use it for in my apartment. Now, to find some trees in Las Vegas...hmmm.

charm home said...

Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Totally going to have to try it out!! I love your blog!

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