rue | west coast launch party

last night i attended the rue magazine west coast launch party at kate spade in corte madera - it was my first blog event and i ended up going solo. it was lovely to chat and meet new people from this incredible design/blogging community, and now that i've got one under my belt...i'm totally looking forward to attending more blog meet-ups. unfortunately i didn't take any pictures while i was there, but we were given these fabulous gift bags...let's just say, kate spade "twirl" is most def going on my christmas/birthday wish list!


Jen said...

i'm loving your blog and all your photos! this goodie bag looks like a steal, i'm pretty jealous :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting, your first blog event was a Rue party. Not a bad way to start. I went to my first blogger meet-up a few weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck but I'm way glad I went.

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