what's on your nightstand: ana of rearranged design

today's nightstand belongs to ana of rearranged design. ana's blog inspires me daily with her incredible thrifting/flea marketing/diying skills, which make blending styles/eras look like a breeze. if you're unsure about the whole vintage shopping thing...(get it together! vintage is "green" aka healthier for our environment (opposed to buying new) and the charm totally makes a space) be sure to check out rearranged design and i'm sure your mind will be changed for good. while you're at it...check out her fab etsy vintage/textile/photography print shop - and if that isn't enough to fill your free time, this girl also works it in the kitchen. stop by her newly launched fudge shop mother fudger for some delicious treats :)

So welcome to my bedroom! My husband and I always dreamed of an attic bedroom and with this house we finally got one. It has it's pros and cons but we really do love it. I bought our nightstands at a salvage store for $6 a piece and they too have their pros and cons. We'd both prefer drawers but I think the lack of them forces us to cut down on the junk that accumulates.

I want to be honest with you so I took two pictures, one how my nightstand normally is and one styled. The honest one is a dumping ground: the book I'm currently reading (Lord of the Rings), hair ties, my glasses case, the TV remote (I love my Robot Chicken and Forensic Files before bedtime) and two clocks (I'm trying to decide which one works best on the nightstand).

On to the clean, streamlined, design blog worthy picture: glasses, remote, book, clock, iPod (which is totally attached to my hand at all times. It's the last thing I look at at night and the first thing I look at in the morning, besides my husband, natch), a little orange dragonfly keychain which has a very long story behind it but ultimately it's a symbol of love from my husband and finally a Jonathan Adler Bug. My husband took me to The Parker in Palm Springs, CA as a 30th Birthday present and on the night of my Birthday we ate at Mr. Parker's and right behind me was a giant version of this same Bug.

Underneath my nightstand is a bin in which I keep random junk; magazines, a flashlight, hand lotion etc.

Thanks for taking a look and thanks to Cecelia for inviting me to share!

images and text via: rearranged design


Anonymous said...

I love the color combination! Would love to know where the flip clock is from.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Well with all these colours - the orange iPhone cover and turquoise hues - I am a very happy Mr. Bazaar! Love this nightstand and love this series!

Ana said...

Hello! I can't remember where I got the clock but if you google "retro flip clock" you'll find a ton of similar ones.

Also, there's this one: http://www.iloveuma.com/retroflipclock.aspx but it's a bit overpriced if you ask me.

Misha Lulu said...

Very intersting! both of them look good!

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