holy cow...

sprinkle-sparkles and unicorns! i'm in the new issue of rue!!!! well...the side of my body is in the new issue of rue.

let me explain...about a month or so ago i attended the fabulous rue launch party in the bay area where i was able to meet some pretty amazing bloggers. apparently i was captured mid-convo with the fab katie of katiedid and now that very image has been published for all to see on the interwebs. i don't know about you...but i think this is p r e t t y exciting. have a look below and for a better look, check out page 18 in the newest issue of rue magazine.


JRDM designs & photography said...

Im still bummed that i wasnt able to make it with you =(
Im so glad that you went- hopefully they have another party soon

Tali Schiffer said...

I'd be super excited too! That's an entire side of your body and it's enough to be recognizable by those who know you ;)
Congrats for being famous... :)

Amanda Gail said...

Congrats to you- how truly exciting!!

Patricia said...

Next time it'll be a full page spread!

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