what's on your nightstand: silvanie farmar bowers

today's nightstand belongs to the lovely silvanie who is a very talented floral designer, aaaand i just so happen to work with her. she's got a great eye for flowers and photography and i highly suggest you head over to her blog and flickr for some gorgeous imagery. thanks so much silvanie, so happy to have you contribute! xo

On my nightstand I have some fashion (or house/decor) magazines to flip through. A glass of water, a couple of different kinds of lotions, and lip balm. I am obsessed with Nanak's Lip Smoothee's, this one is Almond, but I also love the Coconut one too. I have a growing collection of 1970's floral pillowcases, these are one of my favorite's, I love yellow and orange bedding. - Silvanie

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