what's on your nightstand: nichole of little brown pen

today's nightstand comes from nichole over at little brown pen. nichole's blog is overflowing with gorgeous imagery, dreamy tales of paris and drool worthy food posts (c h e e e e e s e *sigh*) -- definitely a must follow.  pop on over and check it out, but in the mean time here's a peek at her perfectly, simplistic nightstand.

I don't like any clutter in my bedroom, so typically my nightstand holds the book I am reading, a candle and some lip balm (not currently there because my son "misplaced" it). I am reading Mark Twain's autobiography at the moment and considering it's the size of a small dog, it may be there awhile.

In the spring, I'll add fresh flowers from my garden to freshen things up.

- Nichole


ana.o. said...

Love the crisp easy lines. :) So easy and simple

Steff said...

I found you through Harper's and I love this little feature! I can't wait to read more of them and go through the archives. =]

And to Nichole, did you know that book is actually 2 parts! I work at a public library and both of those came through one day and I thought it would be so hard to make it through one of those, let alone 2! Ahh! Good luck. hehe

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